Friday, February 5, 2016

Alone: Gameplay

The Story

Generate a Random Event
Catalyst: It’s a Trap
Location: Guard Station

Someone forgotten from the past has trapped Andra near a guard station.

“Out to finish what they started? “[G: Yes] Hear Booming Voice, See slitted eyes,

More than one? [G: Yes] Difficulty: 4

“You’re still alive! We’ll take care of that,” echoes a booming voice.
Hear sudden loud popping sound.

He must seek safety shelter in the nick of time.

Does Andra get out of the way in time?

[E: Y! Regeneration, Superstition] [belonging : light]  [Jera: effort pays off] .

Not only that, Andra does get out of the way and sees someone that triggers a memory from his past. Also Off to the site, a glint of a metal scrap shines catching his attention.

[Card: Name : Zahra, Vice: Wrath, Catalyst: A broken heart]

The familiar face is  Zahra,  a jealous acquaintance from the past who once seemed interested in him.

Does Zahra have anything to do with the past tragic event? [E: Y Training]
Zahra had been joined with a group of people and was taken under their wings in this mob like organization. It is the same mob that attacked and killed her family.

Is Zahra jealous of this new adopted family that Andra has created ?[G: N, Tool]

[Love interest: tower,crown, heart] [They have grown emotionally distant, They surpass you in wealth,property, or status in an important way. Your relationship has recently become more serious in some way, or you have broached the subject.]

Zahra is using this attack against Andra to increase her rank in the mob.

Did Andra get involved with someone else? [G: Yes, confuse container, hear: smashed pottery, see: bright streaks, belonging: child’s toy]

She was going to give Andra a gift with something he had wanted since a child. When Zahra had seen Aindra with this other person, she threw down the gift and it smashed to pieces on the ground, tears falling down her face. She committed herself to the mob at that moment.

Instead of love, Zahra received great wealth, her feelings having become distant and pushed aside.

Back to story

Does Zahra go for the shiny object to use as a weapon? [G: Y!, Monument][belonging: religious object]

It is a metal statue of one of the local gods.

He reaches down and grabs the statue. Holding it close he looks out towards where the attackers were.

What does he see, smell, or hear? [Card: See: shining chrome, hear: rapidly approaching sirens, smell: a pungent fart, 3]

He feels nauseous as he sees Zahra running at him, holding a shiny sword in hand above her head charging at him with three others behind her.

Does he throw the statue at Zahra? [E: N, Deny Dream]

He is struck with terror at this former person who was interested in him is now going to be killed by her hands.

Is Jiffar nearby? [G: No]
Is there anyplace else to go? [E: Yes, Museum, see: tapestries depicting mythic scenes -> theater, Isaz= puzzled , confused]

Confused by what is going on and him being all alone, he notices the theater door open nearby.

Does he run towards the door, if so how fast? [G: Yes, 6, smells burning candles]

In he runs into the theater. Immediately the scent and flickering of burning candles assaulted his senses.

Does he shut the door? [G: Yes, eliminate purity]

He shuts the door and uses the statue to jam it into the handle so it can’t be opened.

The door is shaken, pounded on, and then slammed several times.

Does the door break? [B: Yes, Weaken Rebellion, catalyst: earthquake]

Little by little, the door cracks and shatters. They are breaking into the door, despite him thinking that it would be strong enough to hold.

Is there anyone else in the room? [G: Yes, d6 3, Bargain Aura]

Yes, three people that seem to be looking to deal art pieces are in the museum.

“People are attacking me,” he said to the three other.

Do they come to help? [E: No, hear: blast of horn]

They turn, scream, and shout while running out of the main room and down that hall.

What comes to Andra’s mind? [remember stockpile]

Andra senses that things may get worse. He spots the candles around the room and considers lighting the door block and door on fire. He grabs a few candles and throws it onto the pile.

Chance of catching fire [E: Yes]

The furniture quickly bursts into flames. The shaking of the door soon ceases. But now he has a different issue: the burning room.

[Spend fragment on vignette]

He then remembered seeing, when he came in, a bunch of water in the corner of the museum. End of Vignette

He shouts out “fire” to alert the museum.

He runs over, lifts the large jar of water, carries the water over to the door, and dumps it.

Does it extinguish the fire? If not, how much? [E: No 6]

Over half of the fire is put out. He looks around to see if anyone has come to help.

Has anyone come to help? [G: Yes, rearrange solution]

Those that ran off have now returned. They quickly come determined now to save the art pieces.

Soon the fire is extinguished.

What happens when now? [RE: Bargain source]

“We thank you for saving our precious art from the vile deeds of those chasing you,” one person says.

[belonging: massive inheritance, name: Hassan]

“No problem,” Andra says hiding his involvement in starting the fire. “I don’t know why they were trying to break into here and chase me.”

"I'm Hassan and this is my collection of art being displayed. It is priceless."

"I'm Glad I could help."

"If you should ever need any help, you can find me in the mercantile district. I own the rare artifacts business on Straf Street."

"I'm Andra, " he said, bowing to the older dealer. "I bid you farewell," he says with a smile.

End of Beat
I feel like this part of the story has run it's events.


[Restore Lookout]
Outside, he wanders until finally finding Jiffar a few streets down. How has your shopping been, Andra? I bumped into and old friend," he said.

Andra smiles and then does a half-cough, half-giggle. "Me to," he says recalling Zahra. "And I made a new friend," he said, thinking of Hassan. "Maybe a good new friend"....

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