Sunday, June 19, 2016

Search for a Fantasy Game: thrown a curve ball

The recent changes in the RQ6 to Mythras sample material has caused me to reevaluate everything from the beginning for that product. They have chosen to remove the two sample magic, most of the monsters, and the great combat system from the sample material.

Because of that decision, this is my reevaluation of the new material - and acting as if the Runequest Essentials had never existed.

3. Mythras Runequest 6 (Highly Recommended) - B - The free Mythras Imperative Essentials book will help me examine, learn, and even play the game. I can then buy the game - if this is the game I choose.

Mythras Runequest (Essential) - It's a d100 system. Reading the other RQ based game helped me read through this version. I do notice differences. Character creation is either dice or point based. The Mythras Impeative<strike>essentials</strike) has Cultures and careers for character development, mentioning that the core has social classes, families, powers (magic, psi, & prana), most of the monsters, and cycle combat based on dex & int and passionsI do like that Dex and Int can increase the number of actions per round, unlike most other game systems that I have looked at that were round based. Combat special effects are cool as well. Hit location is nice, reminiscent of RMU, without being overly complicated. None Two of the five magical systems are shown in the Mythras Imperative sampleessentials: Folk and Theism. I also compared it to the RQ6 core srd, noticing that skills are now based on two stats, not mostly one like back then.

Initial investment: looks like just the core book

Text in blue is additional text to the original evaluation

And here is my criteria evaluation

I'm not sure what I will do with Mythras/RQ6.

Do I switch grading criteria to the new game sample. If so I will show my new criteria - and the game wouldn't have deserved to be in the semi-finals. It would drop to the area of vagueness the a few other sample material from what people said were great games - but didn't provide sufficient material to play such as burning wheel gold.

I don't believe I should test the old essentials, if it will no longer be available in a few days. I've been consistently asking for an emerging system that isn't at the end of it's life cycle was one of my criteria. I assumed that they were just going to rebrand the essentials- not remove all the good stuff and add fluff.

With the changes of the Imperative version, this is what I would score the Mythras Imperative using my criteria. The Magic gone, combat system now a 2AP set in stone system becomes something I very much l hate. It looks like D&D. The Imperative version fills itself with other content instead, 34 pages. Essentials had 203 pages. A giant ant, bear, lizardman, or manticore is my choice of monsters compared to the standard monsters they gave me in essentials.

I may have to disqualify Mythras/RQ6 due to a low blow from Design Mechanism.

10 Major Criteria & 10 Sub-criteria Mythras 
1. Depth - C 2
a. Meaningful - B 3
b. Utilized Functions - C 2
2. Flexible/Adaptable - C 2
3. Consistency - B 3
4. Understandable - C 2
5. Character - B 3
a. Behavior tied to character - C 2
b. Unique Character - B 3
6. Combat System - E 0
a. Turn/move/action - E 0
b. Attack speed/ hastened/quicker - E 0
7. Spell System - E 0
a. Spell Regulatory - E 0
b. Spell Breadth - E 0
8. Creatures - E 0
a. Standard Fantasy - E 0
b. Creation - E 0
9. Content - D 1
10. Aesthetic - B 3
Total 1.30
Grade C-
Reviews read or watched 0
Set of reviews from product pages 0
Gameplays read or watched 0

d100 Battle = Open Quest 1.9 v Mythras 1.3 Runequest 6 - Runequest OpenQuest moves on.

Which changes the Phase III battle phase


This creates an interesting last second sudden death round. 

Openquest would have gone up against Heroquest in the first round of the phase III battles. 

So I will now put up Openquest against all of the prior games that have been evaluated, including Hackmaster. Whatever evaluation comes to be, will show how far it would have made it or if it can even defeat Hackmaster. But the real battle should have been OpenQuest vs Heroquest.

Phase 3 The Playoff Battles
Heroquest 1.93
What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. 1.19
Dungeon World 2.40

Hackmaster 2.48
Unchained Heroes 1.91
Radiance 2.11 (2.31)


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