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3 Deep - Attack!

3 Deep: Game Play Series
Part 1 : Character Creation
Part 2: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System
Part 3: Attack!

Here is my log from this last week of play in which I use the combat and magic attack system of 3 Deep for the first time. This is my third and final post of this series and ends the story.
[As they are walking up the path does anything happen that is unusual? Roll 5 + 5 = 10 = Yes +twist; roll 1, 1, 5; weak NPC hinders hero . A Snake attacks!]
The path they were travelling up the narrow switchbacked several times.
After they had made one of several sharp turns, out from the grass arched a black mohagony snake, hissing and lunging towards Wilu.
[Surprise attack: Snake Str1d6(2) End2d6(4) ( Agi3d6 (12) Log2 Emp1. The snake gets an uncontested attack. The snake, speed of 6, gets an attack every round if any character is in range. Wilu with AGI of 7 and speed of 4 can attack at rounds 1, 3, 5, and 6. Kdai with AGI of 4 and speed of 2 can attack at rounds 3 and 6, ]
It lunges forward striking at Wilu’s leg.
[Surprise Round
2. Attack roll
I now do an attack roll for the snake which is 2d6+ I’ll assign AGI as the stat bonus since the strike is requiring accuracy (snake agi 12 (+1). The snake rolles a 3 + 4 = 7 + 1 (agi) = 8 which is a hit.
3. Hit Location
I roll to see where and what kind of damage affects Wilu. The roll of 6+2+3=11 means location chest/torso AGI damage.
4. Damage roll
I think the snake fangs are light weapons (1d6).
The snake rolls a 1
5. and 6. There is no special damage since the roll is only a one. There is no knockback.
7. Armor
In character creation I hadn’t stated the armor that Wilu and Kdai have. Wilu has soft leather (light flexible) and a knife for weapon. Kdai has soft leather armor (light flexible and a bow.
The one damage is absorbed by the soft leather.
The glistening dark snake lunges directly at Wilu torso.  Wilu tries to dodge the sinking fangs. The snake bites into his leather tunic although doesn’t penetrate into his skin. Luckily the tunic is loose enough to separate space from his body.
[Now we enter combat round 1.
The snake and Wilu have a chance to act this first round.
  1. Initiative
Wilu rolls 2 + 2 + 0 (agi) +2 (general knowledge skill to help him know how to deal with this kind of snake) = 6 initiative.
The snake rolls a 2 + 3 + 1 (agi) = 6 initiative.
They both will act simultaneously. ]
Wilu goes to use the blow horn hanging around his neck from a leather strap to blast the snake, which has now fallen down to the ground after striking, with his blasting horn attack.
[2. Medium Blasting Horn: 5 damage @ 5m range = 5 mana
Round 1: Wilu can use 5 Logic + 12 Empathy + 8 Endurance = 25 per round. This blast is only 5 mana.
Wilu rolls a 5 + 6 = 11 + 0 (agi) + 1 (magic) = 12 - 1 (snake agi) = 11 which hits.

Round 1 : The snake strikes again simultaneously.
The snake rolls a 6 + 6 which is an automatic hit.
They both will hit each other - wilu with a magic blast and the snake with a strike.

3. Hit location
Wilu rolls 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 = a hand (empathy) strike, which snaked don’t have but which I will say is the about 2/3rds down from the head of the snake at the body.
The snake rolls a 2 + 4 + 5 = 11 which is another torso/chest strike.
4. Damage
Wilu’s medium blasting horn is set up to do automatically 5 points of damage to the snake. I think the snake has light flexible  armor from the snake scales, which absorbs 3, so 2 of it damages the snake, 1 point of stun damage, I roll a 1 + 2 for knockback  due to the blasting horn which is 3 m.
The snake rolls  another 1 - it will not damage.
So this is my interpretation.]
Wilu brings his horn to his lips and blows, just as the snake strikes again.
Then snake hits and sinks in, missing him again and then is blasted by the force of his magic sound sending the snake a short distance away.
[The snake is now at  Snake Str1d6(2) End2d6(4) ( Agi3d6 (12) Log2 Emp -1
9. The snake rolls a 1 + 4 = 5 - 1 (end) = 4 which fails the conscious roll. ]
The snake slams to the ground, tries to raise again but goes limp to the ground.
Kdai was still fumbling for his bow and an arrow.
Wilu let out a few deep breaths intensely staring at the snake which had tried twice to strike him. He felt his teeth clenched, his mouth was tense, and his breathing let out a sort of a hissing sound through his teeth.
Kdai now went for his knife instead of his bow.
Wilu pulse thumped in his ears as he realized he had narrowly missed being poison with venomous toxins.
Kdai reached for the fallen snake, stepped down onto it’s head, and a quick slice severed the head from its body.
He picked it up, it still wiggling and squirming, and he placed it upon his shoulders.
“Well, we have a nice meal for later at least.”
Wilu didn’t answer.
“My cabin is just a short distance away.”
Wilu didn’t speak as they continued up the hill. He didn’t even sing. The weight of the travois seemed heavier to him although it was still the same weight
Soon they were back walking up the trail. Around  a few turns, his old cabin of mismatched logs came into view.
Wilu stayed in a chair and tried to relax while Kdai began to prepare a fire and skin the snake. It took a while but finally the tension of the snake attack began to subside.
“I’ve been living up here since I was born, “ Kdai was telling him. “I only go down to town to get supplies and sell my pelts and skins.” he said.
The snake did smell good as it sizzled and popped on the stick.
Kdai was turning the stick to finish cooking the final side.
Soon he divided the snake meat.
Wilu quickly began to eat the snake that had tried to kill him. Somehow eating it help make things right again.
“So, Kdai. Why do you still live up here”
Kdai looked into Wilu's eyes and then looked off, up a hill across clearing.
After a few breaths he spoke.
“I’ve been trying to hunt the beast that ravages these hills for many, many years.”
Wilu stopped eating and looked off in the same direction that Kdai was looking. He finished his snake meat and sat back to relax.

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