Thursday, September 1, 2016

3 Deep : Character Creation

For a low price

This is my character creation for the game 3 Deep. It's a new 2D6 or 3D6 rules lite universal game with built in solo gaming engine some of which was influence enough to get ABS12 and me mentioned, among many others. I'm playing the game and passing on my reactions, evaluation, and suggestions.

At first glance - part of the system reminds me of rules lite systems. The stats and skills have a simplicity of Fate, but more details - more like Fate Pathfinder. The magic system reminds me of the versatile Fudge flexible system. It's sort of like HARP or Hero system where you build your powers based on the effects, range, radius, damage, weight, and range. You give it your own effects and descriptions. Magic is not pre-made, so you have to make your own spells and powers.

The combat unlike the stats and skills has more details like a medium sized RPG. Things like hit location, knockback, multiple moves based on speed, and a stat based life/health system are things that differ this game from other lite games. You attack not only a random body part, but a stat tied to that body part as well. When the stat is damaged enough, then loss of unconsciousness on to death can occur. The combat has a bit more crunch than your average light game. But not too much.

Weapons for ancient, medieval, modern, and future are presented as well as vehicle rules.

Stats for 13 creatures are included as well as advice on how to create any creature. 6 common (dog, snake, boar), 3 undead (vampire, skeleton, zombie), and 4 mythical creatures (dragon, centaur, merfolk, werewolf). So it's set to play an outdoor modern adventure, zombie apocalypse, or a little dragon slaying.

I like how this game focuses on certain aspects of gaming such as combat and an easy to use stat, skill, and magic/powers system.

The solo game has a oracle and random even adventure creator,

With that I will go into character creation.

Character to create - Wiluwichi again
I would like to recreate the character that I created during my "Search for great Fantasy or Universal Game" series- Wiluwichi. This will be interesting to compare to other rule light systems.

There are three physical stats and two mental stats with numerical values. Social, appearance, and relations are treated separately which are filled in later.

First the five stats. Out of the four option methods of stat generating (3 rolled and 1 points based) I pick the skewed roll method. 12, 7, 7, 8, 5.

I assign the stats to the character  according to my story character concept, rather than trying to mini max combat or magic.

Urban Human
Strength: 7 (0)
Endurance: 8 (0)
Agility: 7 (0)
Logic: 5 (-1)
Empathy: 12  (+1)

Speed: 4
Mana: 60

Abilities will be based on Roll + Stat+Skill +/- situation modifier with target number of 8 or higher. I do both my skill assignment and my cultural skills.

Artistic: +1
Animal: +1
Athletic: -1
Awareness: +1
Combat: -1
Communication: +1
Crafts: +1
Influence: -1
General Knowledge: +2
Outdoor: -1
Science/Analytics: -1
Magic: +1
Medical: -1
Subterfuge: -1
Technical/Trade: +1
Urban: +1
Weapon Melee: -1
Weapon Bow: -1
Weapon Firearm:
Weapon Energy:

Appearance: Wiluwichi is young adult musician with mystical powers. He has long dark hair, is somewhat skinny and thin, wears soft leather clothing, and wears tribal made non-magical jewelry.

1. He is the son of the former leader of the combined armies of Karduk - who died killing the great demon during the Demon Wars nearly a decade earlier.
2. He is mentored by the wise story telller Tsum'il, who has taught him the basics of music and woodworking.
3. He recently plays magical music to aid community lacrosse team. Full of concern and care, he sometimes emotional rather than logical.

1. He is seeking power through music.
2. He is trying to find his place in life, despite not living up to his father's reputation of being a fierce warrior. Maybe through the path of magical song will he find his destiny and place in life.

Lesser Healing song: 1 healing @ 1 m radius = 1 mana; 1 healing @ 3 m radius = 5 mana; 1 healing @ 5 m radius = 10 mana.
Medum Healing song: 5 healing @ 1 m radius = 5 mana; 5 healing @ 3 m radius = 25 mana; 5 mana @ 5m radius = 50 mana.
Greater Healing song: 10 healing @ 1 m radius = 10 mana; 10 healing @ 3 m radius - 50 mana;
Lesser Light Illusion: 1 mana
Medium Blasting Horn: 5 damage @ 5m range = 5 mana

I'll continue this game play in the next post in this series.

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