Sunday, September 11, 2016

3 Deep: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System

3 Deep: Game Play Series
Part 1 : Character Creation
Part 2: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System

Here is my log from this last week of play in which I use the story generation, the solo game engine, and the magic system of 3 Deep for the first time.

Sunday 04 September , 2016


[premade start]
Everwood was not a large town, it was rather a village located a day's walk outside of the minor city Karduk . Tsum'il chose to live here in Everwood to be close enough to small city, though far enough away to have the privacy and beauty of nature all around.
Wilu's mother still living in Karduk. Now an adult, and he had come here to learn from Tsum'il, the arts and powers that he had desired from that very young age.
[end of premade start, beginning of solo engine influence]
[Is anything unusual today? 50/50 = 1 + 1 No, and twist ]
Today felt like any ordinary day. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.
[Twist: 1 Weak 2 Organization 6 ends the scene]
Outside the neighbors could be heard chatting among themselves across the yard.
Wilu walked out his wikiup dome to join everyone outside. The sun was bright, crickets chirping loudly,  and dogs barking. He saw an older fellow struggling to pull his load down the windy pathway.

[Comment: the story changed immediately compared to my prior written story. This shows how sideways stories can move.]
[Does he go to help the struggling fellow? Because of his 12 empathy, helping is a sure thing + 5. Roll. 1 + 3 + 5 = 9. Yes]
[Story Arc so far: NPC Struggling old fellow: SA Help struggling fellow]
Seeing the struggling fellow brought a strong ache, slowed his pulse, and made him swallow hard. He recalled his mother’s more frail body ever since father died - sacrificed himself for everyone’s safety. He looked over towards his neighbor who was also looking at the fellow.
Wilu locked eyes with his neighbor briefly. Knowing what he had to do he nodded towards his neighbor. The neighbor gave a slower return nod and smiled somewhat, returning to a look of concern back towards the struggling man.
“I have to help him,” Wilu said.
“Yes,” is all that his neighbor said.
Wilu grabs his travelling bag, throws it over his shoulder, and hurried out to the pathway. And soon he was beside the fellow.
“May I help you my fine sir,” he asked.”
“Oh. Hi. Well. Certainly young man.” The fellow struggling face seemed to relax a great amount. He stopped for a moment, wiped his brow with a cloth, and took a few breaths. He looked heavenly with a smile and let out a raspy sigh.
The look that he had on his face was a look Wilu was accustomed to seeing. Many people said that he helped too many people. Wilu wasn’t a fighter. He couldn’t win battles. He couldn’t even win an argument. But he could help lift people’s down spirits, win over earthly pains, and further their life’s battles.
“How far are you going today?” Wilu would go as far as need be, as long as it was within a day’s walk.
He held his palm up towards the man, “I’m Wiluwichi, Son of Epimo'olv.”
[Does the man know of his militaristic father? Roll 1+3 = 4;  No
Is he new to the area? Roll 1+5 = 6; No, but … he has lived on the outside of town, and doesn’t involve himself in regional events that much.]
The man brought his unsteady hand up slowly. Wilu only felt a slight strength and pressure as the palms touched in customary manner. “The name’s Kdai. And I know not my father.”
Wilu knew he had to do something to help Kdai. Even in touching palms he could feel the weakness and infirmity
[NPC Creation test. I stop and read the section on creatures which I assume also can be used for NPC humans.
Reading the section took me a little over a minute. Two minutes including looking at the creature examples.
During the creation, I reread specific parts in those sections for stats and skills to help create him.
I know that Kdai is weak physically. I’ll let him have a chance at being logical and standard empathy.
Kdai, struggling stranger
Str 1d6 End 1d6 Agi 1d6 Log 3d6 Emp2d6
Roll Str 3 -1 End 5 -1 Agi 4 -1 Log 11 +1 Emp 7 +0
The creature creation system mentions experience. I haven’t read that section yet. I need to stop and read it now.
Okay, I took maybe 4 minutes to try digesting the experience and the creature creation. I’ll roll now and see what it says.
Roll 6 x 6 = 36 x 3 = 108 years old
I’ll just do some that I think fits this logical person that lives outside of normal society. He needs to be able to hunt, trap, and make things very proficiently especially since he is 108 years old.
Science/Analytics +7
Technical/Trade +6
Weapon Bow +5
Outdoor +7
Crafts +6
Animal +5
Now I will try to figure out how much damage he has. I quickly look at the combat
I roll 3D6 and get 4+3+6=13 = vital organ End caused by something unknown.
Something is wrong with one of his vital organs. I’ll roll 1d6 and reroll if it is greater or equal to his End score of 5. I roll a 3 to his vital organs.
End 5 - 3 = 2 End remaining.
I read the section on healing and compare it to my healing song magic.
Okay, if left to nature he would heal in 1 hour + 20 min in their world time. Wilu is going heal the damage with his healing song.]
He began to sing one of the ancient songs by the musician Gono.
[Magic System test:I reread the section on magic and skills to refresh my memory on what to do. I’m going to do a magic check.
He’ll do his Medium Healing Song for 25 mana.
My magic check will be 2d6 + 1 (magic sk) + 1 (emp since it’s music) + 2 because he is willing and receptive. I roll a 2 & 2 = 4 +4 = 8 he just barely succeeds. I’m going to account that do to his concern, his song comes out a bit unsteady.]
Wiluwhichi tightened his grip on the travois load and began to go forward, his tone, lyrics, and melody wavering occasionally.
There is something about Kdai that made him concerned. Was it only his age? Or was it some other reason.
Quickly Kdai walked stronger, his posture became straighter, and he seemed to be relieved from whatever was ailing him. By the end of Gono’s Healing Song, he looked well. Wilu then switch to singing some other non-magical songs, just to help time pass during their journey.
Up the path they travelled for two hours. Deeper into the hills and forest.

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