Sunday, April 19, 2015

Introductory Mythology of World of the Fifth Sun

Introductory Mythology of World of the Fifth Sun 

The wars have been going on for millenniums. Whether gods, as many call them or some ancient galactic super race or species, the “gods” have battled each other long before they created Humans, a recent creation.

Around four different stars - or suns - Humans have lived on planets . Each resulted in the destruction of the world, causing the gods to move their creatures to another prepared world and different sun, and the fight moved along with each movement. 

Concerning the prior suns and worlds, much has been forgotten. Humans, short lived and less willing to record details, only have snippets in the form of legends and mythological stories. 

During each world destruction, the gods moved their surviving creatures in great ‘Sky Birds’. 

This fifth star, the Sun, is called ‘Sol’. 

The chosen races of the gods were sent to Ea, the third planet circling Sol. 

Sky Birds landed scattered strategically across this world, dropping off the races in key areas, for each of the gods. Several continents serve as war grounds. 

Although at a disadvantage in the prior four stars, at this world - Ea - Humans will thrive.

Ken Wickham

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