Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aioskoru Product Line

Aioskoru World Atlas Video

For a low price.

Get four types of maps to go with your Aioskoru Outline maps. Also it includes the north and south pole maps. Four types of maps are the plain color flat map, a 3D map that shows shadowing for major elevation changes, a topography contour line map that shows smaller elevation changes, and a river/water flow map that shows potential rivers and streams as well as underwater currents.

Pay What You Want

Outline maps showing land and water boundaries and possible river or water flow paths. 18 maps with coordinates together form the entire Aioskoru world. Also instructions are included which explain how to use Adobe Acrobat X to navigate the world maps. A suggested method of using acrobat sticky notes and highlights is presented to use as an actual GM or author tool.

Aioskoru World Video

Aioskoru OGL World Maps
Pay What You Want

This is a collection of the Open Gaming License maps that I donated to the Aioskoru project. The maps are much more broad than these outline map. Instead, the maps are mostly 1000x500 pixel maps covering the entire world. They are great for a big picture look at the world, weather, animals, a link to a hexagon map, environmental biome locations, an interesting comparison of Earth to Aioskoru superimposed, my hand-scribbled notes showing plate tectonics, prevailing winds, hot and cold current notes, a sample of Aioskoru with clouds, humidity and rainfall amounts and locations, a key to the biome symbols, major highways, 3D texture, sphere, and polar maps 

Aioskoru World Guide
Pay What You Want

This guide introduces the world of Aioskoru. It introduces it’s unique direction system, has a gazetteer of major land names using the Common language and a sample of words, shows where all of the animals live, lists references to several game system monsters, describes the solar system, describes how advanced hex based variable hex measurement for map distances, and has one year calendar

Melos, A contribution to Aioskoru
Pay What You Want

This expands upon an area of the fantasy setting Aioskoru by Ken Wickham. It includes an outline of two settlements, key NPCs, the threats that endanger them and a playable adventure to start characters off using this region of Aiorskoru.

All of this material could be easily dropped into almost any fantasy setting that has giants, orcs and merfolk as races.

Stats are included for use with the Rolemaster game rules. The included adventure and NPCs includes stats and references to Rolemaster RMC rules.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I haven't been posting that much because I am hard at work trying to finish the Aioskoru World Atlas.

The techniques learned from this project will probably be in a follow up book of Intermediate quick maps using Donjon, GIMP, & Wilbur.

With a few additional techniques I put together an Aioskoru Outline Maps which will be available Pay What You Want and will have the instructions for both books included.

An unique game system and another module is in the working from Peter for Melos. It will be compatible with 5e and his own game system.

I'm hoping to get AWA out as fast as humanly possible. It has been extremely fun to make.

I'm still working on my first campaign release featuring the centaurs Ekouinmanus Kapos. I'm also working on releasing the book of Aioskoru Common Language - the first of 6 current languages for the world - which several of the words are listed in the Aioskoru World Guide. Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Fairy, & Demon languages are being created somewhat simultaneously.

Until next time.

Ken Wickham

Friday, August 26, 2016

Progressing on Aioskoru Maps

Having decided to remove the default rivers, I'm switching the maps entirely over to the computer created rivers.

This means that I am redoing all of the maps again that have rivers - 11 regions out of the 18. I've already replaced half of them today and yesterday.

Possible Upcoming PWYW Aioskoru Outline Maps version
Also I discovered a way to make the outline maps many of the rivers on it. The rivers though seem to fade near the mouth of the rivers, but I'm thinking of putting them up for Pay What You Want. Whereas I will put the World Atlas up for a low price.

This will present a minimal cluttered set of maps to print into 8.5 x 8.5 inch squares, label places, or use a PDF sticky note system

Here is a screenshot of the outline map zoomed into one region, as you can see in the thumbnail panel with the zoom box. I tried placing a sticky note in that area that I used in the 4 panel image a few days ago.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Thursday, August 25, 2016

ABS12 Example Character Creation Steps 8 to 12

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

8. An elf is a humanoid, which receives a beginning bonus of 0. A fighter description however receives a +1 to speed. This means that for the speed formula of Speed = 1 + EL (1) + speed bonus (+1 for fighter) it will result in a 1+1+1 speed equaling 3. The player records this number as the speed.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS
Speed: 3

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage

9. Now that Batu's speed has been recorded, action speed is based on that number as well. Divide Speed by five and round up the number. Batu's action speed is 3 divided by 5 rounded up equals 1. This means that at the current EL, Batu will have one action per turn. At speed 6 which will come at 1+3 EL = EL 4, Batu will receive an additional action speed per turn. The player records that information.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS
Speed: 3
Act spd: 1

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage

10. As a humanoid, Batu's movement speed is 1. He moves 30 ft per turn at normal pace. At a run or sprint the pace would be double that, or 60 ft per turn. The player records that information.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS
Speed: 3
Act spd: 1
Mvmt spd: 1 at 30 ft/turn

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage

11. The player records Batu's starting power pool of 6.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS
Speed: 3
Act spd: 1
Mvmt spd: 1 at 30 ft/turn
PP: 6

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage

12. The player records the other talents from the fighter description. This is rescue of 2 and 2 additional points. The player decides to give Batu a basic power attack of 1 destroy + 1 ice/cold. This will be an ice attack doing damage to those not immune. The player records the rescue, destroy, and ice/cold.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS
Speed: 3
Act spd: 1
Mvmt spd: 1 at 30 ft/turn
PP: 6

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage
Rescue: 2

Destroy: 1
Ice/cold: 1

Also these steps are added to the summary of steps
  1. Record your character's EL1 speed which should be 2 + any description speed bonus if applicable.
  2. Record your character's action speed which should be 1.
  3. Record your character's movement speed which should be 1. This is 30 ft./turn.
  4. Record the starting power poll should be 6.
  5. Record any additional talents from your description and if any build points remain you can use it on additional talents or powers that fit your character concept.

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ABS12: Example text for steps 1 to 7 character creation.

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

Italicized text: Some paragraphs in italics will demonstrate the game.

A player is creating a character. Looking over a list of Aioskoru Elvish words, the player want to make an elf named Batu which means 'Stone' or 'Rock'. The player prints off the first character sheet and second sheet (2nd sheet is for power users if need be).

1. The player records an EL of 1 with 20 EP for Batu on the character sheet.

EL: 1
EP: 20

2. The player looks over the list of descriptions. The player would like to play Batu as a fighter. The player records fighter as the description of Batu.

Description: fighter
EL: 1
EP: 20

3. The player records Batu's DL as 1 and the description is now amateur fighter.

Description: amateur fighter
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20

4. The player wants Batu to be an Elf. The player records the species together with the description.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20

5. Batu's starting life is 2+ the fighter's bonus of 2. This equals 4. The player records the life on the character sheet.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4

6. For being a fighter, Batu receives 2+ the fighter's bonus of 4 for having plate armor. The player records both the defense and armor.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6

Plate armor: 4

7. The player records the primary damage from the longsword that the fighter includes.

Description: amateur fighter elf
EL: 1
DL: 1
EP: 20
Life: 4
Def: 6
Dam: 1d12/3 LS

Plate armor: 4
Longsword: 1d12/3 damage

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

Monday, August 22, 2016

ABS12: Updated Creatures

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

Creatures revision
[Click image to enlarge]

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

The puzzle of the rivers

I'm a bit troubled about the default rivers vs the computer generated rivers.

The first is the default rivers.

The second is the default rivers and the computer generated rivers superimposed.

The third is an attempt to only isolate the main computer generated rivers.

The fourth is a computer generated rivers removed and the same rivers as the second, except the seas blocked out with dark blue.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aioskoru World Atlas first draft completed!

Finally I finished the 18th water flow map.

Now I'm going to test it out a while and see if I need to make any major changes. I also need to type up some instructions or explanation text that would fit with the world.

I do think I want to add large polar maps to the end of the book.

[click image to enlarge to full image of PDF]

Screenshot of Aioskoru World Atlas PDF. Notice the smaller view window in the thumbnail image showing the zoomed in window. And that is one of 18 current regions - four types of maps per region.

Updates creature revise halfway. More game systems for Aioskoru live

ABS12: Creature revise
I'm halfway through the initial monster, which is just under 30 and doesn't include the several _ify alterations. I just did ghoul and added ghast.

Aioskoru Creatures
For Aioskoru world, I may have some more supporting games coming up to add.  The more, the merrier. Anyone reading the Aioskoru World guide will only see support for RM, HARP, and D20/PF systems. Anyone who has been to the Aioskoru site to the monster section will see additional support for 5e (Basic DM and SRD), WEG D6, Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, and recently the Dungeon World SRD support in the last update.

I uploaded to the Aioskoru World Guide the expanded Aioskoru_Monsters_Game_References_A_8-21-16.pdf which has the additional monster references for the Aioskoru world for the latest additional gaming systems mentioned above this morning on the download site. RPGNow/DriveThru.

For additional support, I have plans to add references to Swords & Wizards white box, OpenQuest, and 13th age which I worked on this morning some more.

Friday, August 19, 2016

ABS12 Fact Generator Flexible V.1.0 now available at RPGNow, Pay What You Want

Pay What You Want
1 page

I repackaged my Fact Generator from 1D12 into 2D6, 1D20, and 3D6 compatible as well, adding the three additional dice indexing to the chart. The chart still has the 144 facts as the original.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Progress today: reworked monsters & progressed Aioskoru World Atlas

ABS12 Monsters
Today I reworked the stats for Giant Rat up to Harpy for creatures. I implemented the new power system for harpy song and giant spider web. Some speeds and life have been adjusted slightly. I'll show the entire list when I finish going over the other 20 monsters. That way I can adjust them again before showing them.

Aioskoru World Atlas
For Aioskoru World Atlas, last night I worked my way up to finish water flow/river map #10. So I still have 11 to 18 yet to go. I'm also saving some Wilbur maps to potentially use for a fifth or bonus map set if they turn out good enough.

Aioskoru Campaign: EKOUINMANUS KAPOS - land of the centaurs
I also collected most of the information from the Aioskoru Google website to begin try shaping my first PDF campaign guide for Aioskoru world, the region of Ekouinmanus Kapos. It's a good start but needs a lot of work. It'll be a project that I work on from time to time when I'm sick of the other two or three main projects.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 2: Parts of speech - nouns

Other fantasy language posts
Creating a fantasy languageElfin and Orcish amount of words so far
Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 1: Sounds
Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 2: Parts of speech - nouns
Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 3: Parts of speech - adjectives
Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 4: Parts of speech - articles, quantifiers, prepositions, questions
Fantasy Constructed Languages Part 5: Parts of speech - why, pronouns, conjunctions,

In the last post, I focused on the sounds of languages. In this post, I'll focus on the first parts of speech of the language, the noun.

For an example, let me try making a sample language.

My Aioskoru world needs a fairy language, so I will try making one up. My other four - five including the scraps of dwarvish that I have, are all based on three ancient real world languages. I want the fairy language to sound different than the other five languages.

I'm going to make a language that sounds more melodic mixed with hissing. Because of this, my language will use the letter sounds that I picked in the last post.

sounds unordered
 l, r, s, sh, f, n, ts, y, and vowels i, and e (no t, k, c, b, g, p, q, x)

I will add m ng ny j d t th v h w z      a o (no u)


m, w
v, f
d, t, ts, th
s, z
sh, j
ng, ny
l, r


I'm using more international phonetic vowels rather than English vowels.

i ; said like i in casio
e ; said like a in lazy
a ; said like a in father
o ; said like o in open


Before going to far into nouns, ahead of time you want to figure out

  1. how your going to deal with plurality
  2. if you'll have gender
  3. how you will deal with a normal adjective (hot), a comparative form of that adjective (hotter), and the superlative of that adjective (hottest). 
  4. are you going to have different nouns forms for different noun functions in the sentence a) subject, b) direct object, c) indirect object ([action received by] to), cause or origin (from, because of), possessive, instrumental (by, with)

I'll chose to use marker words like particles or articles to differentiate function worlds which I will make later. That way I can keep words and their function separate. The markers will indicate plurality and singularity. I will not differentiate gender. I'll also use marker words to for functional meaning.

For these words for this fairy language, I will not base the worlds on any language that I know. I will just say the word first aloud and record the words using letters to the best of my ability. I use the Swadesh list of words as the basis for my first words. Luckily the Swadesh list has similar terms next to each other, so mentally I can differentiate one word from another and try to keep words from sounding to similar. I want these words to remain two syllable words if possible.

I try to picture the word before saying it, and then say the word out loud, as if I am a fluent native speaker of the language. I look at my sound list to try using the sounds that I picked.

After a few words, I try to look at my sound list to make sure I am using the different sounds.

I like to use the Swadesh list of words to figure out the first words. Starting with nouns

  1. woman                          ilya
  2. man (adult male human)  amad
  3. person (individual human)   fa-on
  4. fish (noun)             vidi
  5. bird              titsi
  6. dog              vava
  7. louse              ihan
  8. tree (not log)    lanyi
  9. seed (noun)      yengo
  10. leaf (botanics)   watse
  11. root (botanics)      jolem
  12. bark (of tree)       thinya
  13. skin (1952: person’s)  dahin
  14. flesh (1952 meat, flesh)  fijada
  15. blood                                shinya
  16. bone                                           lanthi
  17. grease (1952: fat, organic substance)  taja
  18. egg                                              aza
  19. horn (of bull etc., not 1952)†   forani
  20. tail                                        vela
  21. feather (large, not down)    zange
  22. hair (on head of humans)   votsaj
  23. head (anatomic)                 oyaz
  24. ear                             ditseng
  25. eye                   naji
  26. nose                        fitsa
  27. mouth                            wofa
  28. tooth (front, rather than molar)    didi
  29. tongue (anatomical)          laifz
  30. claw (not in 1952)             moda
  31. foot (not leg)                  tsano
  32. knee (not 1952)†           ivaf
  33. hand                               winad
  34. belly (lower part of body, abdomen)       je-ah
  35. neck (not nape!)                                ila-o
  36. breasts (female; 1955 still breast)†       lala
  37. heart                                      nitho
  38. liver                                  hanjo
  39. sun                                 yandi
  40. moon (not 1952)†           zinga
  41. star                             virena
  42. water (noun)               tova
  43. rain (noun, 1952 verb)      sarila
  44. stone                     dotsot
  45. sand                      odima
  46. earth (=soil)            ezanyi
  47. cloud (not fog)         waly-jima
  48. smoke (noun, of fire)   waly
  49. fire                            arisa
  50. ash(es)                      shoma
  51. path (1952 road, trail; not street)         dama
  52. mountain (not hill)                    langsin
  53. name                               owa
That gives me 53 words already in this fairy language - all of them important for any language with humans. 

Next Post

The next post of the series I will continue with adjectives.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Stories vs RPGs is on sale on Amazon for a limited time

On sale for a limited time. The price will go up over time.

Aioskoru OGL World Maps Now available along with other titles

Okay, It's up and live on RPGNow, Pay What You Want.

Included is the weather, clouds, highways, a comparison to earth, plate tectonic notes, prevailing winds and currents, a link to the full 4000 x 2000 hex biome map with key to the biome icons, two basic 3D texture maps, an ice age map, two side hemisphere, and two pole map views. I also included the animal locations again as well in this map book since it will help tie together things.

Pay What You Want

Use the maps with the monsters listed in the Aioskoru World Guide if your running a high fantasy game. Use the named lands listed in the world guide as well, or make up your own. The naming words and terminology will be consistent with Common Language - one of four or more 400 + word languages - which will be published in the future along with Elvish, Orcish, and Goblin [and maybe Dwarvish] . You can use the basic Evolutionary Mythology timeline or make up your own mythology.

Pay What You Want

Or make your own world using instructions found in the Quick free world maps using GIMP filters and Donjon fractal maps. Make highly detailed topographical maps that zoom into fine detailed areas that are inside what is normally hexes.


And if you want to play solo with any game system, try out the ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine to help emulate the answers from a GM.

Pay What You Want

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aioskoru OGL World Maps vs Aioskoru World Atlas

Before releasing the Aioskoru World Atlas - which I will charge a low price, I'm releasing the Aioskoru OGL World Maps which is Pay What You Want, suggested at $0.99, which has all the 1,000 x 500 pixel world maps previously released in other forms. These maps in the Aioskoru OGL World Maps are the Open Gaming License maps for the world. Whereas the Aioskoru World Atlas maps that are 2550 x 2550 pixels when combined form a 15,300 x 7,700 pixel world, will not be part of the OGL information.

Aioskoru OGL World Maps (Pay What You Want)

23 pages
11 x 8.5 inch book.
Suggested $ 0.99
Pay What You Want 

The Aioskoru OGL World Maps is a collection of 1000 x 500 pixel maps of the Aioskoru world previously posted on forums and the Aioskoru website found at

Included are weather, prevailing winds, humidity, animal, plate tectonics, spherical maps, the polar regions, ice age coverage, major highways, an outline map, and comparison of planet Earth continents to Aioskoru landform maps.

Aioskoru World Atlas (Low Price)

Coming Soon to RPGNow

Aioskoru World Atlas

At least 4 types of maps
Plain color, topography, 3D, and waterflow/rivers

72+ pages, 72+ maps
22 inches x 22 inches zoomable

Four 15,300 x 7,700 pixels - when combined - complete world maps.

For a low price

Aioskoru World Atlas checklist

Aioskoru World Atlas
72+ pages, 72+ maps
22 inches x 22 inches
I might charge a small price since it's taking some effort, but if so I'll also do a Pay What You Want map atlas of OGL maps which are much less resolution and only world views.

Maps finished so far.
plain color, regions 1 to 18 - done
3D color, regions 1 to 18 - done
topographical maps, regions 1 to 18 - done
water flow & rivers/streams, regions 1 to 3 - done

I'm also putting together a separate 20 page or so Pay What You Want map atlas of OGL world view maps of Aioskoru.

To do list
Rivers, regions 4 to 18 - need to be done
Maybe do polar regions - might do

Friday, August 12, 2016

Aioskoru World Maps

Newest project

Aioskoru World Atlas
72+ pages, 72+ maps
22 inches x 22 inches

I'm working on Aioskoru World Atlas with 4 types of maps set at 22 inch x 22 inch page plates showing the world closer cut up into 18 sections. The four types are the plain, topography, a 3D bump, and rivers/streams/water flow. Here is a section about the size of Europe which can zoom in even 8x closer to pick up smaller details - about the size of a small country.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

ABS12: Ranged Weapons

I'm going to try modifying this chart for use with ranged weapons for the time being.

Movement Speed - Difficulty - Target numbers - Range for spells
0 - Very Easy - 3 - 10 ft or 3 m
1 - Easy - 6 - 20 ft or 6 m
2 - Moderate - 9 - 30 ft or 9 m
3 - Hard - 12 - 40 ft or 12 m
4 - Very Hard - 15 - 50 ft or 15 m
5 - Impossible - 18 - 60 ft or 18 m

Ranged Target Number Multiplier
Use the chart above except multiply the ft or m distance by the modifier for the appropriate weapon.

net x 0.25 

dagger x 1 
light hammer

blowgun x 1.5

javelin x 2

light crossbow x 4

longbow x 10

ABS12: Next few issues & future path

Having fixed some of the major stuff on my list three more major steps I need to address before heavier testing.

1.) I need to revisit the Ranged Combat rules. I'll focus on rules for bows, guns, spears, etc.
2.) Type up some basic descriptions in paragraph form.
3.) I need to go through the creature stats again and make some changes, and then make a more unified list of species.

After 51 updates over three months of development and a few narrowed testing sessions, I'm almost ready for some heavier testing to see if the game is playable, how the parts would work, and how I can adjust the features.

ABS12: Movement Speed

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

For movement speed, I think the best way to use the speed is to separate the original speed for the species at EL 0. I'll attach the movement speed

Humanoid Speed.
Humanoid speed I will set at 1.
Looking at the chart below, that means that humanoids can move 30 ft per turn.

The current formula for standard movement will be.
20ft/turn + (10ft/turn x original description speed modifier).

Running or Sprinting
Running faster is up to x2 movement speed unless something else slowing the character.

Combine Movement Speed with difficulty and range chart
Movement Speed - Difficulty - Target numbers - Range for spells & movement
-1 - Very Easy - 3 - 10 ft or 3 m
0 - Easy - 6 - 20 ft or 6 m
1 - Moderate - 9 - 30 ft or 9 m
2 - Hard - 12 - 40 ft or 12 m
3 - Very Hard - 15 - 50 ft or 15 m
4 - Impossible - 18 - 60 ft or 18 m

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ABS12: Money, Friends, & Gear

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

I don't want to introduce micromanaging gear.

This means that I am not planning on creating an economy for gear and items. Rather I will focus on what helps the character to accomplish the story.

Vague & Fuzzy Gear
The game is based on what is good or appropriate for the story. Descriptions should somewhat indicate what kind of wealth, status, friends, organizations, relationships, contacts, housing, vehicles/mounts, equipment, and tools that the character possesses.

By not focusing on gear and people, I'm hoping that players can focus more on the stories.

How to use vague gear to increase tension in the story
Bad situation rolls can mean something goes terribly wrong with the gear. Maybe the gear is faulty, inadequate, insufficient, or is accidentally dropped into a precarious location. Good situations rolls can sometimes mean that the equipment performs better than normal, more precise, and is more than adequate.

Special Items
Having said that many much of the standard gear and tools are contained in the description, I believe that special items are important in many stories.

For special items, record the details together with the other character special verb actions. In a sense, while they posses such item, that gear becomes a very important part of the character. Loosing such item can be traumatic for the character. A piece of equipment or item that acts like powers might be listed with the powers including a noun to indicate that that power is limited to that specific item.

How does one know the Properties of the Player's Character Description 'gear'?
What about normal vague gear and relationships that is included in the description of the character. And how do you determine when supplies are low or gone, broken, or insufficient? That is where the situation roll comes in. If you have arrows and are firing them, one interpretation of rolling up a 'No', 'No, however', or 'No, also' are that maybe the arrows are getting low or that several are broken. If rolling one of these 'No's rolls up about using a rope, maybe it's short or beginning to break. If you are looking for information and a 'No' is rolled, maybe the contact relationship is shaky or something is wrong.

The story and situation dictates what the roles might mean. A player can even use the fact generator to find clues into what a bad situation means.

Researched Games

Characters have stuff appropriate for their Aspect.
Fate uses a similar method.
Extras that influence the story are aspects.
Extras that create new context for actions are skills.
Extras that make skills more awesome are stunts.
Extras that can be harmed have stress and consequences.

Cliche's include powers, abilities, tools, and equipment for standard for that cliche.
Tools of the Trade can be lost or damaged. Roll with half dice if that happens.

Risus Companion treats special equipment as extra dice generally, once per scene, or once per session.

All characters have appropriate gear for their concept, setting, and story. It includes clothing, weapons, armor, tools, mounts, and vehicles. Gear is made up of an adjective and a noun like 'long rope' Gear modifies 'beat the odds' type rolls. The character begins with two of them. They can be lost, broken, or stolen. Props are items that don't improve the chance of success.

A Basic System 12 (ABS12)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Two New Pay What You Want products on RPGNow

I took two of my free products and put it into PDF form. They have more minimal advertisement, are portable, and very flexible.

Now available on RPGNow as Pay-what-you-want

ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine v 1.0

ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine v1.0

This is a flexible solo game engine that is meant to take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for answering questions or finding the results of modified rolls. A chart with results for 1D6, 1d8, Fate, Fudge, 1D10, 1D12, 2D6, 3D6, 1D20, 4D6 JAGS, and 1D100 systems is included. It makes it a versatile game engine.

Suggested Price $0.99

Aioskoru World Guide v 1.3

Aioskoru World Guide

This is my collection of some basic information for the world of Aioskoru. Aioskoru is an Open Gaming License OGL world. I use this world in my ABS12 Solo Gaming stories and map technique book and posts.

Included in the book are some names of regions as well as some naming vocabulary. Also suggested measurements for direction, time, distance, and weight are given. A collection of biome and animal locations is suggested. About 60+ universal or popular creatures are suggested with references to RM and HARP page numbers and D20 SRD and PFSRD websites.

Suggested Price $1

Any donations would be appreaciated.

Joined map and a little coloring

I retried another version of the northern map. The roughness of texture is very apparent once joined. There are even a few joining differences.

Also I experimented with some light green,  green and dark green for indicators of grasslands and forests. Two grey spots were supposed to indicate burnt areas, but I don't really like how they turned out.

I hand painted the upper lake. The big lack in the southern map came with the topographical info for the ocean and world, which has a different color.