Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Progress today: reworked monsters & progressed Aioskoru World Atlas

ABS12 Monsters
Today I reworked the stats for Giant Rat up to Harpy for creatures. I implemented the new power system for harpy song and giant spider web. Some speeds and life have been adjusted slightly. I'll show the entire list when I finish going over the other 20 monsters. That way I can adjust them again before showing them.

Aioskoru World Atlas
For Aioskoru World Atlas, last night I worked my way up to finish water flow/river map #10. So I still have 11 to 18 yet to go. I'm also saving some Wilbur maps to potentially use for a fifth or bonus map set if they turn out good enough.

Aioskoru Campaign: EKOUINMANUS KAPOS - land of the centaurs
I also collected most of the information from the Aioskoru Google website to begin try shaping my first PDF campaign guide for Aioskoru world, the region of Ekouinmanus Kapos. It's a good start but needs a lot of work. It'll be a project that I work on from time to time when I'm sick of the other two or three main projects.

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