Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aioskoru OGL World Maps vs Aioskoru World Atlas

Before releasing the Aioskoru World Atlas - which I will charge a low price, I'm releasing the Aioskoru OGL World Maps which is Pay What You Want, suggested at $0.99, which has all the 1,000 x 500 pixel world maps previously released in other forms. These maps in the Aioskoru OGL World Maps are the Open Gaming License maps for the world. Whereas the Aioskoru World Atlas maps that are 2550 x 2550 pixels when combined form a 15,300 x 7,700 pixel world, will not be part of the OGL information.

Aioskoru OGL World Maps (Pay What You Want)

23 pages
11 x 8.5 inch book.
Suggested $ 0.99
Pay What You Want 

The Aioskoru OGL World Maps is a collection of 1000 x 500 pixel maps of the Aioskoru world previously posted on forums and the Aioskoru website found at

Included are weather, prevailing winds, humidity, animal, plate tectonics, spherical maps, the polar regions, ice age coverage, major highways, an outline map, and comparison of planet Earth continents to Aioskoru landform maps.

Aioskoru World Atlas (Low Price)

Coming Soon to RPGNow

Aioskoru World Atlas

At least 4 types of maps
Plain color, topography, 3D, and waterflow/rivers

72+ pages, 72+ maps
22 inches x 22 inches zoomable

Four 15,300 x 7,700 pixels - when combined - complete world maps.

For a low price

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