Sunday, August 21, 2016

Updates creature revise halfway. More game systems for Aioskoru live

ABS12: Creature revise
I'm halfway through the initial monster, which is just under 30 and doesn't include the several _ify alterations. I just did ghoul and added ghast.

Aioskoru Creatures
For Aioskoru world, I may have some more supporting games coming up to add.  The more, the merrier. Anyone reading the Aioskoru World guide will only see support for RM, HARP, and D20/PF systems. Anyone who has been to the Aioskoru site to the monster section will see additional support for 5e (Basic DM and SRD), WEG D6, Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, and recently the Dungeon World SRD support in the last update.

I uploaded to the Aioskoru World Guide the expanded Aioskoru_Monsters_Game_References_A_8-21-16.pdf which has the additional monster references for the Aioskoru world for the latest additional gaming systems mentioned above this morning on the download site. RPGNow/DriveThru.

For additional support, I have plans to add references to Swords & Wizards white box, OpenQuest, and 13th age which I worked on this morning some more.

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