Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Aioskoru Product Line

Aioskoru World Atlas Video

For a low price.

Get four types of maps to go with your Aioskoru Outline maps. Also it includes the north and south pole maps. Four types of maps are the plain color flat map, a 3D map that shows shadowing for major elevation changes, a topography contour line map that shows smaller elevation changes, and a river/water flow map that shows potential rivers and streams as well as underwater currents.

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Outline maps showing land and water boundaries and possible river or water flow paths. 18 maps with coordinates together form the entire Aioskoru world. Also instructions are included which explain how to use Adobe Acrobat X to navigate the world maps. A suggested method of using acrobat sticky notes and highlights is presented to use as an actual GM or author tool.

Aioskoru World Video

Aioskoru OGL World Maps
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This is a collection of the Open Gaming License maps that I donated to the Aioskoru project. The maps are much more broad than these outline map. Instead, the maps are mostly 1000x500 pixel maps covering the entire world. They are great for a big picture look at the world, weather, animals, a link to a hexagon map, environmental biome locations, an interesting comparison of Earth to Aioskoru superimposed, my hand-scribbled notes showing plate tectonics, prevailing winds, hot and cold current notes, a sample of Aioskoru with clouds, humidity and rainfall amounts and locations, a key to the biome symbols, major highways, 3D texture, sphere, and polar maps 

Aioskoru World Guide
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This guide introduces the world of Aioskoru. It introduces it’s unique direction system, has a gazetteer of major land names using the Common language and a sample of words, shows where all of the animals live, lists references to several game system monsters, describes the solar system, describes how advanced hex based variable hex measurement for map distances, and has one year calendar

Melos, A contribution to Aioskoru
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This expands upon an area of the fantasy setting Aioskoru by Ken Wickham. It includes an outline of two settlements, key NPCs, the threats that endanger them and a playable adventure to start characters off using this region of Aiorskoru.

All of this material could be easily dropped into almost any fantasy setting that has giants, orcs and merfolk as races.

Stats are included for use with the Rolemaster game rules. The included adventure and NPCs includes stats and references to Rolemaster RMC rules.

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