Monday, August 15, 2016

Aioskoru OGL World Maps Now available along with other titles

Okay, It's up and live on RPGNow, Pay What You Want.

Included is the weather, clouds, highways, a comparison to earth, plate tectonic notes, prevailing winds and currents, a link to the full 4000 x 2000 hex biome map with key to the biome icons, two basic 3D texture maps, an ice age map, two side hemisphere, and two pole map views. I also included the animal locations again as well in this map book since it will help tie together things.

Pay What You Want

Use the maps with the monsters listed in the Aioskoru World Guide if your running a high fantasy game. Use the named lands listed in the world guide as well, or make up your own. The naming words and terminology will be consistent with Common Language - one of four or more 400 + word languages - which will be published in the future along with Elvish, Orcish, and Goblin [and maybe Dwarvish] . You can use the basic Evolutionary Mythology timeline or make up your own mythology.

Pay What You Want

Or make your own world using instructions found in the Quick free world maps using GIMP filters and Donjon fractal maps. Make highly detailed topographical maps that zoom into fine detailed areas that are inside what is normally hexes.


And if you want to play solo with any game system, try out the ABS12 Flexible Solo Game Engine to help emulate the answers from a GM.

Pay What You Want

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