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World of the Fifth Sun progress 2014 to 2020

 The 2014 through 2019 information is copy past from last year's two summary posts. 2020 year review is newly types summarizing this years progress both in blog and writing projects.

Summer of 2014

Everything really began in 2014 when during the summer I came across NaNoWriMo. Sometime around the mid or late summer I decided to try writing a novel during November. I remember checking out several books and taking notes on how to write novels.

I created Song and Fire, a short novel set in a world that I called the Ea, the World of the Fifth Sun.


For a more complete look at 2015 summary, see my 2016 year end review of 2015 post.

I remember revising Song and Fire during January of 2015. While this first novel only sold a few copies, it spurred me to return to tabletop RPGs after 20 years. This book's mythology is that Ea is on the third planet on the fifth sun or 'sol' in a series of worlds, each proceeding world having been destroyed in a war of gods. I can actually easily move this story into an Aioskoru human region if I wanted to.

I began World of the Fifth Sun blog on March 13, 2015.

I created several documents which would inspire generator and engine products this year in 2018. 

Much of my Character Generator and flaws was initially created in the Stories vs RPGs series and resulting book.

July of 2015 my nephew in my family was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

I began my Rolemaster beta testing experience around this time as well.

In October, I began creating Aioskoru.

October 28 I began trying to build Aioskoru using online random content generators and learning to expand map techniques. 

November I wrote my 2nd novel, a collection of short stories for the World of the Fifth Sun which resulted in two of the short stories being released Worn and Lanic. Although only those two stories were ever published in one small volume, I still have the remaining stories unedited in my collection. I might be able to do something in the future with this old unreleased content.

I ended the year with more map creation techniques which resulted in techniques used in Quick free maps series and book in 2016.


For a more complete look at 2015 summary, see my 2016 year end review of 2016 post.
2016 began by finishing my map making techniques. 

I then switched to fantasy constructed languages. 

Dice, card, and probability brought me to ABS12 creation series. This was actually my 3rd RPG game attempt after a WotFS Fudge and FAE versions which are actually inspirations for One-Roll Fudge RPG, which were never published anywhere. While A Basic System 12 (ABS12) V1.08 may not be great in it's entirety, pieces of that game are great and are actual pieces such as the Plot Generator and Fact Generator

In mid 2016 summer, I began selling products on DriveThru and RPGNow. First, maps were my topic. It quickly switched to Aioskoru and the Solo Game Engine and Fact Generator (which are pieces of ABS12).

In late that year, I began creating Fairy language, which is a test into the possible content of books such as Elvish Language. I've had words written for Elvish since earlier this 2016 year but have changed much of it in it's current form. It is based, however, on the same words. Fairy would be published first since I knew that I owned the rights to this invented language.

5e x 5 was really the emphasis at the end of this year 2016.

Comparing open gaming systems during this year also fueled my more recent Parallel Open Gaming Systems products.


2017 began by finishing 5e x 5 products for a few months. Later, Character Gen (based on Stories vs RPGs) vs, Description Gen (item focus), and Motivation Gen  (based on Stories vs RPGswere released. 

In the blog, I began with finishing my Fairy Language which I would release a year later in PDF.

My Aioskoru Myth Making series created early 2017 finally was published in 2020.

The Star Frontiers blog series helped inspire me to complete 5e x 5 Future Characters later during the year. 


During the month of November, I completed a project to writing a game system and setting. One-Roll Fudge RPG and an unreleased Aioskoru setting was created during this month. This setting information hopefully will provide inspiration and direction in the future. It certainly felt fulfilling to write some fiction after a few years of rules and list creation, which are satisfying in a different way.

I've established a small presence on MeWe for social media.

During the month of December, I began and haven't finished yet a story generating series using Story Mechanisms. This series I plan to continue into January of 2019.

I wanted to get some hands on experience with other Fudge systems. This series I plan on continuing into 2019.

[I sort of continued a MERP series that I started a few years ago with this possible new series. I don't know how much more I can sustain this series. It is ranked lower on my priority since these products are rather old and low priority. I did learn a lot about myself already from this initial comparison.
Series Retired]


During November and December, I created the Grammar Fuel series. The blog has several posts supporting and using these new tools and tables.

October saw the release of the fourth book in the mechanisms series, Environmental MechanismsEnvironmental Mechanisms is the result of one year of RPG tool development focusing on setting generating tools. While some of the tools are from 2018, all of the terrain tools found in the Minimalist Descriptive series were created in 2019. Setting tools became the main focus of 2019.

A few products were expanded upon and released in a 2nd edition in 2019. The solo game engine, fact generator, description generator, and the very fun to make d100 Gamemaster Surrogate-100 Shades of Nay...and Yea were released in 2019.

Orcish Language, the third Aioskoru Language, was released in 2019.

Combat tools such as the minimalist martial arts, minimalist combat, and the critical charts were released in 2019.

During the summer, this blog focused on writing qualities, innovation, and grammar.

Early summer, June, focused on flash fiction using Flash RPG.

5e x 5 saw two modern book releases—Modern Backgrounds and Modern Races.

So, 2019 was about parts of speech, setting/terrain, combat, and 2nd editions primarily


The early part of the year was mainly finishing the Grammar Fuel series that resulted in the Grammar Fuel: Parts of Speech and Grammar Fuel: 12,000 Phrases & Idioms, two tools for the dialogue creation.

In the blog, the first few posts of the year were creating an environment using Environmental Mechanisms and then a post using the Dialogue Engine.

I released 9 previously unreleased draft posts with commentary.

At that time I also began the sub Reddit, which is where I've generated the new Coin Solo RPG System. Using that new system, I created the first adventure "The Art of Love and Loss".

I then did a 12 part series "Learning about Poetry" on this blog.

My Flash Fiction day project was "Necromancer Takes on the World".

Micro Dungeon Room Map Generator was released in the summer.

The American Name Fuel series was published.

Minimalist d6 Solo Game Engine & Adventure Seed Engine were combined.

Elvish Language received an update.

On the subreddit, I started a second Coin Solo RPG System adventure currently on the 13th session, yet to be named.

Essential SoRoPlay GamTools was published.

Minimalist Descriptive Urban and Minimalist Descriptive Rural were published.

Theme Generator 2e was published.

For a zine, I published currently six issues beginning with Coin Solo RPG System, Myths and Fables, Learning About Poetry, Horror Ref, Fantasy Ref, and Christmas Ref.

So, 2020 was about finishing parts of speech, phrases & idioms, dialogue, poetry, fundamentals, American names, urban/rural, expanding themes, and creating the zine.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Any solo video game makers?

 I wonder how many people try to make their own video game with Make Your Own Game with RPG Maker ( That might be some interesting solo gaming if the game procedurally generatess material.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Newest Issue of SoRoPlay GamTools, Horror Ref(erence). In this issue, there is new material never published including rankings, a horror generator tool, a brief history, and horror definitions.

Now available, the latest issue of SoRoPlay GamTools focusing on a Horror Reference issue available at an introductory price 30% off until the end of October.

55-page PDF, with some illustrations

This issue is a Horror Reference (Ref). It has new material built around several questions.

  • What is horror?

  • What fiction sources my serve as a companion to horror RPG gaming?

  • What type of random d100 tool may help to create a horror story?

  • What is a brief timeline of highlights for horror novels, movies, and videogames by decade or century?

  • And what horror novels, movies, and video games might serve as inspiration for horror gaming?

Those were a few of the questions and topics for this issue of SoRoPlay GamTools Zine.

This 55 page Horror Ref(erence) zine PDF brings together several rankings to create an average horror novel, movie, and video game ranking. It also awards medals to the most frequently cited works: gold, silver, and bronze.

A section at the beginning explores the horror definition and related words.

A brief history of the past decades and centuries of horror novels, movies, and video games highlights major titles and works.

It has a horror tool, d100 random horror noun, verb, adjective, and adverb table.

This PDF is illustrated with some images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

  • Is horror a genre?

  • What is horror?

  • How is horror distinct from a thriller, suspense, or mystery genre?

  • Parts of Horror Definition: Fear, Dread, Abhorrence, Aversion, and Repugnance

  • Intense Dislike: Distinction between Antipathy, Aversion, Repugnance, and Disgust

  • In a state: Frighten, Scare, Indimidate, or Cow

  • In a state: Fear, Dread, Fright, Dismay, Consternation, Panic, Terror, or Horror

  • Brief History of Horror – Highlights from the Past (novels, movies, video games)

  • Grammar Fuel: Horror Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs (100 each)

  • Top Horror Novels (26 core books, 135 ranked books, many more unranked books)

  • Top Horror Movies (54 core movies, 215 ranked movies, many more unranked movies)

  • Top Horror Video Games (10 core video games, 26 ranked video games, more unranked video games)

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Commentary on Session 8 combat and prefaced by prior test versions.

This post is reposted from the post at concerning the story combat session past with identicall post names. 

Thanks, to the current subreddit members! If you haven't joined the community yet, every membership helps bring more of my tool content [the next goal is 15 members to open the next content reward, an encounter-type tool]. See Coin Solo RPG System 1_05 for membership criteria.

[Spoiler text is for if you haven't yet looked at the Setting up, Inciting Event, and Sessions 3 through 8 result. Read those posts first.]

I felt very satisfied with the first conflict giant worm one-shot kill. Here is why.

I wanted to comment on the session 8 first giant worm conflict combat result and preface it with a recap of the 3 prior test Combat Results so far. I'm recounting a summary what has happened so far with the combat system to sort of explain why I thought and felt that way.

You can read the full prior tests in those posts from months ago.

For Version 1_04, there were two combat test results.

1st Test 1_04

In the first combat test done with the simultaneous, before adding combat skill, combat done 3 months ago between William and the demon wolf went as follows.

  1. William shot off the demon wolf's right hind leg and the wolf bit lightly into his abdomen.

  2. William missed with the walking stick, and the demon wolf killed William by ripping open William's stomach, abdomen muscles, and main artery. (William died in two rounds)

2nd Test 1_04

In the second test, the final nature of the combat was made very apparent as well. This was before factoring negative ability, negative skill, and before skill models.

  1. William shot blasted the demon wolf in the chest destroying muscle, bone, and organs and the demon wolf bit and clawed at William's abdomen causing light wounds. (Demon wolf died in the first round)

1st Test 1_05

In 1_05, the skill models, weapon scaling, and revised damage rules for the current version were added.

  1. William's blast nicked the wolf's rear left leg and the demon wolf bit off a chunk of William's left arm rendering it limp and useless.

  2. William swung and broke the demon wolf's rear left leg with a walking stick and the wolf bit and clawed light damage to William's upper right leg.

  3. William swung his walking stick with a heavy blow to the demon wolf's and struggling the demon wolf bit and teared at his lower left leg. The demon wolf then collapsed dead. (William killed the demon wolf in 3 rounds after taking a heavy left arm wound)

  4. William then was overcome with poison for a period of time.

Correction for 1_05 and 1_06 combat example

I noticed and will change one example that needs one small correction as noted for the 1_05 and 1_06 PDF versions. It doesn't change the rule nor the example. It just was a typing error shown in bold. The combat doesn't change at all.

The disadvantage slides the pistol shot from 4-2=+2 to 2-1=+1This means, because of the disadvantage, the damage would go to the 2nd flip instead of the first flip. 1st tails, 2nd 2 coin damage tails & tails = both tails damage, 3rd flip = heads. Damage result = player inflicts Light damage, opponent inflicts Heavy damage. William's target = tails, heads, heads= Upper left leg receives heavy light damage.

Session 8 William vs Worm Commentary

Having prefaced this giant worm story combat with what William has experienced in the past 3 combat test examples, this worm combat felt really good and satisfying. Especially after all of the narrative setup and giving William a real reason to fight the worms, his one shot to the head (well giant worm mouth) was very satisfying.

It is satisfying after experiencing frustration with both Troy in the corn field, that sadness of Mr. Anderson's farm, questioning whether it was even his battle, and Harry telling aunt Sarah about uncle's dire situation.

If you haven't looked at that text yet, see sessions Setting Up, Inciting Event, and 3 through 8 for the current former Mayor Jacob Vaast adventure.

Even though the story will continue, I knew I had to stop after the one-shot kill.

Friday, October 9, 2020

November, no plans yet, but ideas are spinning

 Normally, most November beginning my first writing month years ago, I try to write something significant somehow. I'll likely try to write something this year.

Last year, was filled with what became the Grammar Fuel series—initially penned as a one volume, 30 page RPG tool book. It vastly expanded to several volumes, several tools, and a few different series.

I do have 3 ideas briefly sketched out a few days ago for a possible project. I also have piles of unfinished and working projects that every once in a while get's pushed to the front.

We'll see how it goes.

Rebellion - Anti-Establishment 25% Sale

This weekend, help prepare for November solo game or story writing with any of these tools.

Author's publisher page

Rebellion - Anti-Establishment 25% Sale

Say goodbye to your GM!

This sale for this weekend at DriveThruRPG has the following titles at 25% off

Character Mechanisms

Character Mechanisms II

Story Mechanisms

Environmental Mechanisms

Remnant RPG Tools

Grammar Fuel: Parts of Speech

Grammar Fuel: 12,000 Idioms and Phrases

Rhyming Fuel

ABS12 Solo Game Engine 2nd Edition

ABS12 Fact Generator 2nd Edition

Description Generator: Objects 2nd Edition

Gamemaster Surrogate: 100 Shades of Nay...and Yeah

2,000 American Male First Names

4,500 American Female First Names

SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Coin Solo RPG System

SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Myths and Fables

SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: Learning about Poetry


Micro Dungeon Room Map Generator

 At Amazon, Character Mechanisms the sale price is the same. 

Character Mechanisms

Character Mechanisms (2018)
Available at two places: one a PDF or one for Kindle
A PDF @ DriveThruRPG
For Kindle (US) @, (UK) @, (DE)

At Amazon, the 2nd edition at Amazon are already at the minimum amount for the current full 70% royalty percentage. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Now available for kindle except a few minor changes, removal of appendix

The Kindle version does not have the Appendix of tables, which were added to the rear for printing in the PDF version, to make printing easier. However, all of the tables are found within each of the sections. The larger sideways 144 tables were place back into the sections with the horizontal table and the instructions.

Essential SoRoPlay GamTools

Essential SoRoPlay GamTools (2020)
Available at one place currently, though kindle may be forthcoming
A PDF @ DriveThruRPG
It is also available in two different bundles where it is included as one of the bundle pieces
Mechanisms and Minimalist Bundle
Individual piece Bundle

For Kindle (US) @, (UK) @, (DE) (also available for other countries)