Saturday, January 12, 2019

Monsters statistics

I'm finally looking into doing something with monsters. Over the past few years, I've only had a passing interest in creatures & monsters. The first interest was just having a few monsters to test out ABS12. The second period was converting d20 into JAGS animals and helping to finish 5e x 5 Monsters. For 5e x 5, I drew and painted a few of the 5e x 5 monsters. While I have a few monsters more recent in One-Roll Fudge RPG, they were not the focus.

I'd like to make a huge volume of hundreds, even thousands, of monsters set in percentile stats ultimately. For now, I'm beginning to look into that possibility and beginning to explore if I really want to do that.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Blood in Space: A Fudge RPG; beginning mission (part 4)

I will put into brackets any out of character material such as dice rolls, mechanics, quotes of rules, or whatever I need to help explain the story game. I will roll for any Alunissar rolls and use the die roller on the site for any GM, opponent, or situation rolls so that I don't feel like I am fighting against myself. I may try out several different Fudge mechanics such as story element rolls, situation rolls, simultaneous combat, opposed rolls, unopposed rolls, and alternating combat just so that I can experience most of the essential Fudge game mechanics. 

If I quote from the game, it will be from the Fudge 1995 SRD which is under the Open Gaming License rather than from the currently available book so that I know that the text is okay to use. You can get the Fudge 1995 from You can get the current Fudge 10th Anniversary from

Now I continue

After landing...

He slowly walked behind different shaped boulders along the slow flowing brook towards where the tree covered hill.

His M34 pulse pistol he held forward just in case he needed to shoot and the gauntlet blades were also ready.

[Oracle Q: is there any danger around? fair difficulty; roll 0,0,+,0 = Yes
Is it the humans? mediocre difficulty; -,-,0,0 = maybe, if … they see you]

Alunissar heard the footsteps coming from ahead.

A few boulders lay a short way to the right near a tree.

I need to run and dive quickly & quietly to the boulder to make it, he realizes.

[Does Alunissar make it? This is a very easy mediocre difficulty for an average person. Alunissar has fair dodge skill. Roll -,-,0,+ = fair - 1 =  mediocre]

Alunissar just barely makes it diving behind the boulder just as people emerge from the jungle and walk out to the flat plateau grassy area.

They have guns ready and are looking around.

Maybe they saw or heard me land, he thought. They probably didn't hear me shot the pulse pistol. It is very quiet.

[hostile mood dialogue engine roll, 1d6 = 2 and +1 since they are agitated; Exclamations!

Voices were shouting.

He looked carefully up from behind the boulder and tree.

Humans. One in front with a gun was shouting out to the [1d6= 2] two other soldiers behind him.

Loud shouts back and forth that he couldn't understand.

They then laugh a bit and retreat back into the forest, unaware of his presence.

He didn't want to get involved with human affair. That would spoil his hunt and take too much time and effort, especially if things escalated.

After minutes of waiting and sure they had gone, he moved towards another part of the jungle away from where the humans had left.

[This ends the Blood in Space scene for today. To be continued....
Read on for a summary of the story so far and Alunissar's character sheet]

The story so far on the planet Maanik-Kruste in search of the rare and illusive blood-red Mutark.

The year is 3011.

Alunissar the Junior Marauder Atelak hurls his dark space fighter ship towards the lush green jungles and warm humid air of the planet Maanik-Kruste to find a rare and illusive blood-red Mutark

The atmospheric condition in his chosen landing area is great. The weather is clear and sunny across the southern tropical jungle landing site. He finds a river, but the area near the river is too covered with foliage to land at. To the west of the river, he sees hills and plateaus. He checks the ship instruments one final time before looking for a clearing towards that area to set down.

Adjacent the bird covered and insect swarming jungle and between the mid-size hills lay a flat somewhat elevated plateau which seems to be a prime landing site. The grass here seems recently grazed, the ground seems solid and sturdy, and this seems like a good location that mutark might live or live near.

He lowers his ship with thrusters, lands, and shuts off the engines. He adjusts his armor, attaches his gauntlet blade, puts on his breathing mask, and finally grabs his pulse pistol.

With a flick of a button, the door opens and lowers to the ground.

Looking around one last time at his ship he walks down the ramp into the sunny alien jungle world.

Once outside, he closes the door and activates the cloaking system.

His dark ship begins to blur and fade from view.

Ready to continue, he takes a deep breath of filtered air and turns his attention to the area around him.

The loud sing-song shout or scream of a creature lets him know that something has noticed his arrival. It could even be the mutark.

A small meadow brook runs down through one side of the field. Small fluorescent looking amphibians rabidly walk and scurry along the edge of the brook, one larger one stands to watch him.

This may be one of the mutark's food, he thinks upon seeing these creatures.

Aiming his pulse pistol he extends his gun towards the creature.

His gun propels an electric burst at the defenseless amphibian dropping it to the ground.

Several scurry into the brook or under rocks for safety.

He walks over to the amphibian and puts it into a bag careful not to touch it. Its slimy skin could even be poisonous.

To the east is a small hill which is the direction the brook is flowing which leads to the river that you saw when landing. After attaching the bagged amphibian to his waist belt, he begins to creep slowly towards the jungle area using boulders and trees for cover.

Name: Alunissar


Damage 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-89
None Scratch Hurt Very Hurt Incapacitated Near Death

Race: Atelak (a lizard looking race) with a Junior Marauder (Mak) status.

Attribute       Level

Strength         Fair
Stamina          Fair
Agility            Good
Charisma        Fair
Intelligence    Fair
Perception      Good
Psionic           Good - 3rd level


Now for skills which I get 10 increases and default to Poor Level.

Skill                                      Level
Armor Proficiency                Fair (2 increases)
Awareness                            Poor
Bluff                                     Poor
Dodge                                   Fair (2 increases)
Disable Computer                Poor
Disable Mechanical             Poor
Disable Electrical                Poor
Disguise                               Poor
First Aid                               Mediocre (1 increase)
Knowledge History              Poor
Knowledge Engineering       Poor
Knowledge Stellar                Poor
Knowledge Science              Poor
Melee Proficiency                Mediocre (1 increase)
Piloting                                Poor
Sense Purpose                     Poor
Stealth                                 Poor
Survival                              Poor
Use Device Computer        Poor
Use Device Mechanical      Poor
Use Device Electrical         Poor
Weapon Proficiency            Good (4 increases)

Gifts & Faults

Ambidexterous dual wield +2 2nd weapon ODF
Combat Reflexes +1 ODF DDF


I'll equip the character with weak starting weapons.

Name: Gauntlet Blade
Effect: +1 ODF
Slot: Cartridge

Name: M34 Pulse Pistol
Type: Burst
Slot: 1
Effect: +1 ODF (short to medium ranged)

Name: Light Kinetic Armor
Type: Armor
Effect: +1
GM NOTE: Light Armor gives +1 to actions,

Bagged amphibian

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Review of past goals

Future Project Goals for 2019 and further

Revised from 2017 list

Here is a list of projects that come to mind looking over the current landscape of products and the blog. This list is mixed blog and RPG products. It does not include many secret projects which might come out of nowhere for strategic purposes, but are being worked on. It only includes prior mentioned projects. Several projects from that prior goal list have been removed but may still exist in various stages.

On top of the goal* list is:

Short term goals*

5e x 5 Modern Characters - system
Aioskoru Campaign material - content feature sections of the Aioskoru world
Parallel Open Gaming: Powers
More Generators & Engines

Finish Story Mechanisms series
Continue Blood in Space series
Continue One-Roll Fudge RPG material

Mid Term Goals*

Also in the works is:
Next Mechanisms book
Release Common, Goblin, Orc, Dwarf, Demonic, and Halfling.
ABS12 Flexible Drama Escalator

First 2nd Edition Product

Long Term Goals*

Continue MERP vs RMX vs HARP comparison

Distant Possible Projects
5e x 5 Monsters II

*Goals are subject to change, reorder, or be dropped for unforeseeable reasons.

Monday, December 31, 2018

World of the Fifth Sun progress 2014 to 1018

Summer of 2014

Everything really began in 2014 when during the summer I came across NaNoWriMo. Sometime around the mid or late summer I decided to try writing a novel during November. I remember checking out several books and taking notes on how to write novels.

I created Song and Fire, a short novel set in a world that I called the Ea, the World of the Fifth Sun.


For a more complete look at 2015 summary, see my 2016 year end review of 2015 post.

I remember revising Song and Fire during January of 2015. While this first novel only sold a few copies, it spurred me to return to tabletop RPGs after 20 years. This book's mythology is that Ea is on the third planet on the fifth sun or 'sol' in a series of worlds, each proceeding world having been destroyed in a war of gods. I can actually easily move this story into an Aioskoru human region if I wanted to.

I began World of the Fifth Sun blog on March 13, 2015.

I created several documents which would inspire generator and engine products this year in 2018. 

Much of my Character Generator and flaws was initially created in the Stories vs RPGs series and resulting book.

July of 2015 my nephew in my family was tragically killed by a drunk driver.

I began my Rolemaster beta testing experience around this time as well.

In October, I began creating Aioskoru.

October 28 I began trying to build Aioskoru using online random content generators and learning to expand map techniques. 

November I wrote my 2nd novel, a collection of short stories for the World of the Fifth Sun which resulted in two of the short stories being released Worn and Lanic. Although only those two stories were ever published in one small volume, I still have the remaining stories unedited in my collection. I might be able to do something in the future with this old unreleased content.

I ended the year with more map creation techniques which resulted in techniques used in Quick free maps series and book in 2016.


For a more complete look at 2015 summary, see my 2016 year end review of 2016 post.
2016 began by finishing my map making techniques. 

I then switched to fantasy constructed languages. 

Dice, card, and probability brought me to ABS12 creation series. This was actually my 3rd RPG game attempt after a WotFS Fudge and FAE versions which are actually inspirations for One-Roll Fudge RPG, which were never published anywhere. While A Basic System 12 (ABS12) V1.08 may not be great in it's entirety, pieces of that game are great and are actual pieces such as the Plot Generator and Fact Generator

In mid 2016 summer, I began selling products on DriveThru and RPGNow. First, maps were my topic. It quickly switched to Aioskoru and the Solo Game Engine and Fact Generator (which are pieces of ABS12).

In late that year, I began creating Fairy language, which is a test into the possible content of books such as Elvish Language. I've had words written for Elvish since earlier this 2016 year but have changed much of it in it's current form. It is based, however, on the same words. Fairy would be published first since I knew that I owned the rights to this invented language.

5e x 5 was really the emphasis at the end of this year 2016.

Comparing open gaming systems during this year also fueled my more recent Parallel Open Gaming Systems products.


2017 began by finishing 5e x 5 products for a few months. Later, Character Gen (based on Stories vs RPGs) vs, Description Gen (item focus), and Motivation Gen  (based on Stories vs RPGs) were released. 

In the blog, I began with finishing my Fairy Language which I would release a year later in PDF.

My Aioskoru Myth Making series created early 2017 has yet to be published anywhere except on my blog.

The Star Frontiers blog series helped inspire me to complete 5e x 5 Future Characters later during the year. 

In the middle of the year 2017, my MERP Collectors Edition series helped to quench my RMX anger.

Next post

Tomorrow, I might look at some goals that I wrote at the beginning of 2017 and see if there is any inspiration there.

Looking back at 2018 WotFS blog

My blog was rather quiet during the beginning of the 2018 year. Most of my actual effort this year was releasing new content. It began with 5ex5 Future Characters at the beginning of the year. After that, I turned to one of my long-term goals of expanding the solo gaming series which I began long ago breaking off pieces of the ABS12 system.

Prior to 2018

What had began with the ABS12 solo game engine in 2016, and led to the release of Character Gen, Description Gen, and Motivation Gen in 2017, really expanding in 2018.

Products released

Chronologically plot, theme, mood, emotion, outdoor, indoor, animal, knowledge, sound, body language, flash rpg, human, dream, dialogue, career, foe, communication, behavior, relationships, twists, flaws, scene actions, transitions, 3 conflicts, reaction scenes, social & mental traits, and emotional reactions were tools released during this year culminating in the two mechanisms books and the setting all-in-one. I feel good about this years batch of products. Some are more successful than others.

Flash RPG Blog series

With this blog, I didn't return to writing until Flash RPG was released. I began with 5 examples of using Flash RPG in late May to early June leading up to Flash Fiction Appreciation Day.

Character Mechanisms Blog Series

In October, I created a series using the tools of Character Mechanisms. Dakota was the resulting character created during this period of 9 posts.

November Writing Month

During the month of November, I completed a project to writing a game system and setting. One-Roll Fudge RPG and an unreleased Aioskoru setting was created during this month. This setting information hopefully will provide inspiration and direction in the future. It certainly felt fulfilling to write some fiction after a few years of rules and list creation, which are satisfying in a different way.

MeWe establishment instead of G+

I've established a small presence on MeWe for social media.

December Story Mechanisms Blog Series

During the month of December, I began and haven't finished yet a story generating series using Story Mechanisms. This series I plan to continue into January of 2019.

Blood in Space Blog Series

I wanted to get some hands on experience with other Fudge systems. This series I plan on continuing into 2019.

A comparative look at MERP vs RM Express vs HARP

I sort of continued a MERP series that I started a few years ago with this possible new series. I don't know how much more I can sustain this series. It is ranked lower on my priority since these products are rather old and low priority. I did learn a lot about myself already from this initial comparison.

Next post

I want to go back to my annual reviews that I have done in the past and see how this blog has progressed so far. Doing so might help me figure out a new direction for 2019.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Story Mechanisms: creating a story profile instructions (part 7)

Click on image to enlarge
Story sheet after this session which includes this 2nd Conflict

This is the sheet of what has been created so far.

Expanding the story part 3

So far in this series I've made a basic story structure sheet, began constructing a story by selecting the basic story elements, decided to star the main character Dakota, created an argument opening scene between Dakota and Rowan, wrote an inciting event, and created a first conflict from that inciting event.

Next, I'll roll for a second conflict.

Second Conflict

Why: flashback to original cause of conflict

What I will do with this writing challenge is maybe begin with Dakota going to try finding Rowan and then begin to question what happened. I will then do a flashback I will test to find out if Dakota finds out what actually happened to help explain why and maybe help for the final conflict.

Roll for difficulty challenge of second conflict.

Moderate, Inconvenient

This probably should use soul for social ability and investigate skill.

Roll for resolution for soul & investigate = (fair (0)+ fair (0)) + roll (6) =  A die roll of 6 automatically succeeds. Despite the challenge you succeeded with great effort and luck.

Several people knew Rowan a little bit.

Despite being mostly reclusive, Rowan did speak with a few.

Rowan would speak about the great historical Expansion-age as a great elvish time in history, almost a golden age. Most interesting to Rowan, was the ancient magical arts. Rowan tried to learn everything in books and at the site about magical use, historical battles involving magic, and even the dark arts.

Dakota, through great effort and a little luck was able to track down the last known home of Rowan.

Dakota walked towards the home that Rowan had been living in recently.

Several families lived in this part of the village.

Asking around, many didn't know Rowan's name, and was known however when being described.

Finally, Dakota found the last known home.

It was empty—not even a single piece of furniture.

Asking around brought no answer at first. Dakota however, persisted deep past nightfall. When Dakota was about to leave and go home,  one person finally nodded yes. One person described a few days ago, that same day that Dakota had hit Rowan, as the last day seen there.

Rowan had come home kicking at rocks, hitting the wall, and slammed the door shut.

The following day, Rowan packed up a handcart filled with belongings and left the home, heading towards the northern gate.

Next posts So far, the story has resolved the first and second conflict. The next post will go into the final conflict.