Saturday, November 17, 2018

Day off to set up, reflect, plan, and evaluate.

Today I took time to try to set things up instead of writing.

A lot of time was spent researching decisions making, creativity techniques, and strategies to help with future writing.

Since this month so far I haven't released any new stuff created this month, I did release prior products and created new mixes and bundles.

It began with the release of 5e x 5 Fantasy Weapons & Armor II
5e x 5 Fantasy Weapons & Armor II
This is a book I made that served as a prize for 5ex5 Ezine #1 contributions. It has 100 total items including Asian weapons (ex katana, nunchaku), armor, some new clothing, and tools from PRD primarily that weren't in the original 5e x 5 Equipment & Treasures. I actually forgot about it until I was looking through my catalogue of stuff.

Premium 3 in one Flash RPG, Three Conflict RPG, and Deep Dive Engine
Premium Flash RPG, Three Conflict RPG, & Deep Dive Engine all-in-one
I think these three go well together and compliment each other.

RPG Tools 6 bundle
RPG Tools 6 [BUNDLE]
Includes Character Flaw Generator, Deep Dive Engine, Scene Action Generator, Three Conflict Chain RPG, and Transition Scene Generator tools.

Elvish and Fairy Language bundle
Aioskoru Elvish & Fairy Languages [BUNDLE]
I've been working with these languages a few years now. More languages are in my notes.

Setting All-in-one
Setting All-In-One
This was made to prepare for another possible book and to make the bundle more attractive.

Parallel Open Gaming Systems Bundle
Parallel Open Gaming Systems - Skills & Fighting Gear [BUNDLE]
This is the three available open system books that focus on skill names, weapon damage, and armor values.

5e x 5 Deluxe Core bundle
5e x 5 Deluxe Fantasy Core  [BUNDLE]
This creates a 5 core + 1 more fantasy weapons with the monster art version of the Monster book. With Modern sometime early next year, hopefully this will do for the time being. I did mention that 2 new races for Modern of 8 new races, two will be from future (human & grey). I actually finished one race first draft today, worked on another, and mostly finished a third wont name yet. 5e x 5 people received an email naming two of the three. So that is about four and a half complete races or near complete.

Back to writing tomorrow. I'm past halfway and nearly on target for the first draft.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

2nd week of writing

Progress so far

More typing, mapping, and drawing

Like a dam in the river, the free flowing spontaneous action swerves and turns, thoughts become words. The unknown becomes a challenge.

And here is my score so far.

That is the story of this last week.

When I started this writing, I only had vague plans and ideas about the initial setting, in an elf trading city in the southern elf lands. I picked one place on the map and created a trading city. I knew what type of game structure I wanted to create and also that I would try using Fudge RPG system. I wanted to have it be a character origin type story. Everything else would be created using mostly discovery writing-technique since I had no NPCs, no established settings, and no history created.

I posted this at the NaGa Demon event Fudge RPG on MeWe page late last night, for more details.

Assessing my progress so far with the bulk of the story of the game. I've covered the one major city, most of one major town, finished one small village, and starting the minor town, did one small cave, random encounters for the area, have written 4 major clues about the story, added one helpful tool hidden. I've started two or three side story arcs I'm not sure where they are going yet.
62 pages currently of 22,000 words total.

Out of 94 current sections outlined, 66 are to the 1st draft state, 17 are in the writing stage, and 11 are still in outline state. I'm guessing I will add at least 70 to 100 more sections at least.

About day 8, I noticed my speed slowing down as I approached the middle area not planned during my preparation. I've been grunting through the unknown, figuring that everything can be refined later. Just get something on paper first.

That's my update.

Halfway through the month is soon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

First week of Writing

My screen every day

Typing, mapping, and drawing

Like a free flowing spontaneous action, thoughts become words. And here is my score so far.

That is the story of this last week.

I haven't swam in the sea of Aioskoru since the map making and mythology days several years ago. A time before 5e x 5. Sure, Elvish and Fairy Languages are a part of Aioskoru. However, the language are more isolated right now than the maps, world guides, and creatures. Diving back into a story brings alive the maps, creature plans, and even weather that I did so long ago.

Writing stories brought me back to RPGs as my blog site mentions in the summary.

Writing brings back fuel, energy, and brings stuff alive.

After two years of mainly writing rules, languages, and random charts diving back into stories helps bring what the other books actual are about. The fantastic and cool stories that help us live mythical lives and see through different eyes for a brief moment of time

Saturday, November 3, 2018

New Project

I just started a Fudge RPG page, which is related to my November Naga Demon 2018, NaNoWriMo, SGAM 2018 Fudge RPG project that I'm currently working on.

This will be a Aioskoru ( and Elvish ( mix hopefully. This is my first Elvish City, named in English Wood Fell. I'll make it into Elvish later, as will I change NPC names. I also have the region and local terrain maps nearly finished, ready to add more cities, towns and villages. Already, four major NPCs and two minor NPCs, several locations, three classes, and two power systems have been created. Just last night I finished writing material up to the first encounter.

Small hand drawn incomplete sketch of first city for my story game. I only drew a few of the building areas, the wall around the city, the shore, piers with boats, major streets, a few farms outside the wall

The current page has links to the Fudge Files describing what's in the core files.

This page may be expanded as I work with Fudge more.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Character Mechanisms - creating character profile instructions (part 9)

This is part of a series of posts to create a character using Character Mechanisms using the Character Profile sheet.

From the last post, I created knowledge and career for the character profile information. I'll focus on the relationship first and do the dream second. If I can, I'll finish up with the remaining generators except that skipped one. Finally, I'll show the entire character profile sheet finished.

Group A Important
Group B Reliant
Except skipped combined action engine

Group C Flavor
Knowledge Generator
Career Generator
Relationship Generator
Dream Generator
Fact Generator
Modifier Generator

Group D
Sound Generator

1. Relationship Generator

Who does my character's know?


6 merchant
4 designer, lone wolf personality

This character knows a designer, probably a clothing or armor designer. This relationship fits in nicely with the character's social, acknowledgment & self-actualize, ugliness motives.

Style is everything.

2. Dream Generator

Who did my character dream about at night?

I'll roll for two and maybe a plot and/or twist if needed.

first symbol

11 character, role or aspect of self
1 mother, help, care, or sacrifice

second symbol

1 animal, instinct or motive
6 cat, create or luck


6 temptation
9 prevent


11 reversal of fulfillment
5 when, timing is perfect

3. Fact Generator

What does my character sense?


1 see
5 structure

4. Sound Generator

What does my character hear?


10, 11 swish

5. Modifier Generator

How is my character's dream modified?


2 degree
10 nearly

Unnamed character's dream which the character remembers constantly
So, bringing it all together, I think the dream is that the character's mother is trying to reach the family cat in the road to save it from the oncoming structure, a vehicle. A swish sounds out, however, something is preventing her from reaching the cat even though there is plenty of time. The mother is nearly escaping, but can't quite break free from a dark tentacle-like force.

The Final Character sheet.

This character can be used now, with high amount of detail, with a name, race, and maybe gender. Additional details can be added to this, if the character becomes more important.
Click to enlarge image of Dakota character profile.
I assigned an androgynous name, Dakota, so this character could be any gender or race — even dwarf. This is a sample character for the Character Mechanisms book which will go into the next update.

This finishes doing all of the random tables and engines found in Character Mechanisms, except the combined action engine. I wont do that skipped step since I don't have any real instructions in the current book edition. That would probably entail adding some more stimulus response actions based on the total known details.

Thank you for reading this series.

I'll next switch to something else for a while.

Pick up Character Mechanisms  Character Mechanisms 

Story Mechanisms
Story Mechanisms
Individually value $13

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Character Mechanisms - creating character profile instructions (part 8)

This is part of a series of posts to create a character using Character Mechanisms using the Character Profile sheet.

From the last post, I created dialogue foundation and communication function for the character profile information. I'll focus on the knowledge first and do the career second. 

Group A Important
Group B Reliant
Except skipped combined action engine

Group C Flavor
Knowledge Generator
Career Generator
Relationship Generator
Dream Generator
Fact Generator
Modifier Generator

1. Knowledge Generator

What does my character's know?


5 social science
11 sociology

A quick Wikipedia copy paste.
Sociology is the scientific study of society, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture of everyday life.

This character knows something about social relationships, culture, and interaction. Certainly this character is biased towards the character's motivation which was this.

This character's motive has already been generated: social, acknowledgment; self-actualize, ugliness. All through a charismatic-skeptical personality perspective. A life with a guilty past.

I could add more knowledge later if this character becomes more important, but having one good enough for now.

2. Career Generator

What does my character's do?

Two methods at this point can be tried. I'll try both and pick the more interesting result.

A. Random field in the sociology category, since knowledge of sociology has already been established.


3 a trader, supplier, distributor


B. Random everywhere.


4 history, geography, and anthropology
2 archaeologist

I like the archaeologist which was randomly rolled better.

A definition of archaeologist.
Archaeologist a specialist in archaeology, the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, etc. 

Click on image to enlarge
I'll move on to Relationship Generator and Dream Generator next.

Most of the character is created already.