Thursday, September 29, 2016

5e skill reduction, Modern D20 to 5e

5e SRD Series
D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project
The difficulty with 5e escalating HP and Damage.

5e skill reduction, Modern D20 to 5e

Working through the skill material, I notice almost immediately the reduction of the number of skills. Also the skill proficiency simplifies keeping track of known skills with the same bonus applied to all proficient skills. A character is either proficient or not.

On the side, I have been working with the Modern D20 system.

Here is what I have seen so far for my skill conversion:

Climb, Jump, & Swim -> Athletics

Balance & Tumble -> Acrobatics
Hide & Move Silently -> Stealth
Sleight of Hand stays the same

Search, Research, & Listen -> Investigation
Navigate -> Nature
Knowledge -> History & Religion

Handling Animal -> Animal Handling
Sense Motive -> Insight
Treat Injury -> Medicine
Spot -> Perception
Survival stays the same

Bluff & Disguise -> Deception
Intimidate -> Intimidation
Perform -> Performance
Diplomacy -> Persuasion

This will convert the core of the game's skill system. There are however skills that don't translate which may have to be added to the 5e system.

I appreciate the reduction in the number of skills - the main ones being Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, Investigation, and Deception - which combine 12 skills into these 5 skills.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

5e Magic v Technology

5e SRD Series
D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project
The difficulty with 5e escalating HP and Damage.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
-Arthur C. Clarke

Some time during my look through and conversion of magic items what came to my mind is how closely many of the magic items might be to advanced technology for a science fiction world.
A Ring of Flight might be a ring device that emits a anti-gravity field. Boots of Sneaking might be made from a high tech material that eliminates sound waves and is built to minimize their creation.
Even magic items that that summon elementals can be explained by linking wormholes to alternate worlds filled with elemental beasts.
Power armor suits of technology have different magical shields and material skin such as stone-skin in magic.
This became more apparent when I looked into some of the devices found in science fiction and science fantasy worlds.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

3 Deep - Attack!

3 Deep: Game Play Series
Part 1 : Character Creation
Part 2: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System
Part 3: Attack!

Here is my log from this last week of play in which I use the combat and magic attack system of 3 Deep for the first time. This is my third and final post of this series and ends the story.
[As they are walking up the path does anything happen that is unusual? Roll 5 + 5 = 10 = Yes +twist; roll 1, 1, 5; weak NPC hinders hero . A Snake attacks!]
The path they were travelling up the narrow switchbacked several times.
After they had made one of several sharp turns, out from the grass arched a black mohagony snake, hissing and lunging towards Wilu.
[Surprise attack: Snake Str1d6(2) End2d6(4) ( Agi3d6 (12) Log2 Emp1. The snake gets an uncontested attack. The snake, speed of 6, gets an attack every round if any character is in range. Wilu with AGI of 7 and speed of 4 can attack at rounds 1, 3, 5, and 6. Kdai with AGI of 4 and speed of 2 can attack at rounds 3 and 6, ]
It lunges forward striking at Wilu’s leg.
[Surprise Round
2. Attack roll
I now do an attack roll for the snake which is 2d6+ I’ll assign AGI as the stat bonus since the strike is requiring accuracy (snake agi 12 (+1). The snake rolles a 3 + 4 = 7 + 1 (agi) = 8 which is a hit.
3. Hit Location
I roll to see where and what kind of damage affects Wilu. The roll of 6+2+3=11 means location chest/torso AGI damage.
4. Damage roll
I think the snake fangs are light weapons (1d6).
The snake rolls a 1
5. and 6. There is no special damage since the roll is only a one. There is no knockback.
7. Armor
In character creation I hadn’t stated the armor that Wilu and Kdai have. Wilu has soft leather (light flexible) and a knife for weapon. Kdai has soft leather armor (light flexible and a bow.
The one damage is absorbed by the soft leather.
The glistening dark snake lunges directly at Wilu torso.  Wilu tries to dodge the sinking fangs. The snake bites into his leather tunic although doesn’t penetrate into his skin. Luckily the tunic is loose enough to separate space from his body.
[Now we enter combat round 1.
The snake and Wilu have a chance to act this first round.
  1. Initiative
Wilu rolls 2 + 2 + 0 (agi) +2 (general knowledge skill to help him know how to deal with this kind of snake) = 6 initiative.
The snake rolls a 2 + 3 + 1 (agi) = 6 initiative.
They both will act simultaneously. ]
Wilu goes to use the blow horn hanging around his neck from a leather strap to blast the snake, which has now fallen down to the ground after striking, with his blasting horn attack.
[2. Medium Blasting Horn: 5 damage @ 5m range = 5 mana
Round 1: Wilu can use 5 Logic + 12 Empathy + 8 Endurance = 25 per round. This blast is only 5 mana.
Wilu rolls a 5 + 6 = 11 + 0 (agi) + 1 (magic) = 12 - 1 (snake agi) = 11 which hits.

Round 1 : The snake strikes again simultaneously.
The snake rolls a 6 + 6 which is an automatic hit.
They both will hit each other - wilu with a magic blast and the snake with a strike.

3. Hit location
Wilu rolls 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 = a hand (empathy) strike, which snaked don’t have but which I will say is the about 2/3rds down from the head of the snake at the body.
The snake rolls a 2 + 4 + 5 = 11 which is another torso/chest strike.
4. Damage
Wilu’s medium blasting horn is set up to do automatically 5 points of damage to the snake. I think the snake has light flexible  armor from the snake scales, which absorbs 3, so 2 of it damages the snake, 1 point of stun damage, I roll a 1 + 2 for knockback  due to the blasting horn which is 3 m.
The snake rolls  another 1 - it will not damage.
So this is my interpretation.]
Wilu brings his horn to his lips and blows, just as the snake strikes again.
Then snake hits and sinks in, missing him again and then is blasted by the force of his magic sound sending the snake a short distance away.
[The snake is now at  Snake Str1d6(2) End2d6(4) ( Agi3d6 (12) Log2 Emp -1
9. The snake rolls a 1 + 4 = 5 - 1 (end) = 4 which fails the conscious roll. ]
The snake slams to the ground, tries to raise again but goes limp to the ground.
Kdai was still fumbling for his bow and an arrow.
Wilu let out a few deep breaths intensely staring at the snake which had tried twice to strike him. He felt his teeth clenched, his mouth was tense, and his breathing let out a sort of a hissing sound through his teeth.
Kdai now went for his knife instead of his bow.
Wilu pulse thumped in his ears as he realized he had narrowly missed being poison with venomous toxins.
Kdai reached for the fallen snake, stepped down onto it’s head, and a quick slice severed the head from its body.
He picked it up, it still wiggling and squirming, and he placed it upon his shoulders.
“Well, we have a nice meal for later at least.”
Wilu didn’t answer.
“My cabin is just a short distance away.”
Wilu didn’t speak as they continued up the hill. He didn’t even sing. The weight of the travois seemed heavier to him although it was still the same weight
Soon they were back walking up the trail. Around  a few turns, his old cabin of mismatched logs came into view.
Wilu stayed in a chair and tried to relax while Kdai began to prepare a fire and skin the snake. It took a while but finally the tension of the snake attack began to subside.
“I’ve been living up here since I was born, “ Kdai was telling him. “I only go down to town to get supplies and sell my pelts and skins.” he said.
The snake did smell good as it sizzled and popped on the stick.
Kdai was turning the stick to finish cooking the final side.
Soon he divided the snake meat.
Wilu quickly began to eat the snake that had tried to kill him. Somehow eating it help make things right again.
“So, Kdai. Why do you still live up here”
Kdai looked into Wilu's eyes and then looked off, up a hill across clearing.
After a few breaths he spoke.
“I’ve been trying to hunt the beast that ravages these hills for many, many years.”
Wilu stopped eating and looked off in the same direction that Kdai was looking. He finished his snake meat and sat back to relax.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

5e- the fluidity of magic

5e SRD Series
D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project
The difficulty with 5e escalating HP and Damage.
5e- the fluidity of magic

I'm rather new to 5e. I did play some AD&D before switching to MERP.

Magic in 5e is different from when I what I recall at it back 30 or so years ago.

For example, I don't remember that magic increased in power as levels increase. Maybe it actually did back then. But my memory doesn't recall those types of details.

Produce Flame spell increases in damage at levels 5, 11, and 17.

Or Prayer of Healing which heals for 2d8 HP + spell ability modifier also increases for each slot above level 2 by 1d8 HP.

The fluid dynamically defined or structures spells brings lengthened use at higher character levels of lower level spells even when the characters are well past that original level.

Well done 5e!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The difficulty with 5e escalating HP and Damage.

Working with 5e we came across a difficulty in just multiplying x5 for damage and HP.

In 5e, it uses escalating hit points per level unlike some of the other game systems. A hit die is added. Different sided dice are used to represent characters having different life force values. There are four, six, eight, ten, and twelve sided dice.

In trying to multiply by five, this is what happens each level.

Four sided dice becomes twenty sided dice. Which I figured could be two ten sided dice.
Six sided dice becomes thirty sided dice. Which I figured could be three ten sided dice.
Eight sided dice becomes forty sided dice. Which I figured could be four ten sided dice.
Ten sided dice becomes fifty sided dice. Which I figured could be five ten sided dice.
Twelve sided dice becomes sixty sided dice. Which I figured could be six ten sided dice.

On paper and at first this looks okay. Just add that amount is added at each level.

From one to twenty or 60 points of life each level.

By level two it's two to 120.
By level three it's three to 180.

But the amount of dice becomes clunky rather quickly.

We tried implemented a d100 once 10d10 was reached.

This created numbers like 8d100 + 4d10 + 58 or something like that.

That was fine on paper. After a day of him working on monsters, I asked Peter if he could figure any other way to smooth the amounts out. He suggested just maintaining the original system.

Looking at the other D100, Runequest uses such a system for their system. Rolemaster, although chart based has numbers. But both of those systems don't have automatic HP increasing each level like 5e and other editions - more unique to it. So they don't create the problem of escalating hit points, which creates clunky dice rolling.

So after reviewing that system I agreed that we should maintain the original hit point and damage system, and try to adjust the bonuses to maintain a separate skills/saving through d100 and the HP & damage using the different original dice, hit dice, damage, and hit points.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project

Beginning a new project - D100 based
A week ago after finishing the Aioksoru World Atlas, and after discussing with a partner the possibilities of working on a future product, maybe in November, it got me thinking of the available source material for the type of project that he and I were considering. We met in a specific D100 game forum. That specific D100 game is a system which closely guards it's licensing, and doesn't allow other's to make money making products for that system by using their name officially and don't want us stating our products to it's system.

While browsing forums looking for d100 OGL systems I noticed comments saying that d20 is just a easier, many say better because of the easier math,  because d100 is just d20 times 5.

But that doesn't help in itself when I coudln't find any d100 OGL SRD that was popular besides MRQ D100 and OQ2 D100. Both of which are roll under systems very similar because OQ2 was built greatly from MRQ I think.

5e d20 to 5e x 5
I thought What happens if we take the most popular game, 5e - a d20 game - and convert it to d100 by multiplying stuff out by 5? Using the formula d20 x 5 = d100. Hence the project name 5e x 5, or quicker 5ex5. I suggested this project to him, knowing that the task would be great. His reply was immediately positive and wanted to be involved.

It isn't as simple as it first sounds.

Just in the monster section are 10k changes. At least 1K more in the magic items. And 'find and replace' would be too difficult because it would change the wrong numbers many times.

So we together have formed a two person crew to try creating a new D100 SRD - project name 5e x 5 - which will be available as quickly as we can make it as a PWYW download. It will be OGL still so anyone could may any project or use the end product to make adventures and other game systems based on it. The information will be much more compatible with existing d100 games - Runequest, Basic Role Playing, Rolemaster, Warhammer, Gore, MERP, HARP, Hackmaster.

The project will create another D100 system which is already familiar to many gamers.

Hopefully we can finish it quickly and maybe use it in November for National Game Design Month. And help others to populate the world with some more d100 material - adventures and stuff.

Getting familiar with 5e
I haven't been overly familiar with 5e. I've never played it myself. I have read the free basic set and looked through the SRD, and used it for the basis of my ABS12 stuff. And I've used it when I was making a list of all the available OGL stats for one creature several months ago.

Ease of proficiency
This project has allowed me to look into the rules section. I've been focusing on the Character section for my initial conversion project. I like how the proficiency simplifies skill specialization. In other games, you normally have to keep track of each skill independently. In 5e, the bonus is set based on level. You just need a list of what skills that bonus applies to.

3 Deep: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System

3 Deep: Game Play Series
Part 1 : Character Creation
Part 2: Story Generation, Solo Game Engine, Creature Creation, & Magic System

Here is my log from this last week of play in which I use the story generation, the solo game engine, and the magic system of 3 Deep for the first time.

Sunday 04 September , 2016


[premade start]
Everwood was not a large town, it was rather a village located a day's walk outside of the minor city Karduk . Tsum'il chose to live here in Everwood to be close enough to small city, though far enough away to have the privacy and beauty of nature all around.
Wilu's mother still living in Karduk. Now an adult, and he had come here to learn from Tsum'il, the arts and powers that he had desired from that very young age.
[end of premade start, beginning of solo engine influence]
[Is anything unusual today? 50/50 = 1 + 1 No, and twist ]
Today felt like any ordinary day. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.
[Twist: 1 Weak 2 Organization 6 ends the scene]
Outside the neighbors could be heard chatting among themselves across the yard.
Wilu walked out his wikiup dome to join everyone outside. The sun was bright, crickets chirping loudly,  and dogs barking. He saw an older fellow struggling to pull his load down the windy pathway.

[Comment: the story changed immediately compared to my prior written story. This shows how sideways stories can move.]
[Does he go to help the struggling fellow? Because of his 12 empathy, helping is a sure thing + 5. Roll. 1 + 3 + 5 = 9. Yes]
[Story Arc so far: NPC Struggling old fellow: SA Help struggling fellow]
Seeing the struggling fellow brought a strong ache, slowed his pulse, and made him swallow hard. He recalled his mother’s more frail body ever since father died - sacrificed himself for everyone’s safety. He looked over towards his neighbor who was also looking at the fellow.
Wilu locked eyes with his neighbor briefly. Knowing what he had to do he nodded towards his neighbor. The neighbor gave a slower return nod and smiled somewhat, returning to a look of concern back towards the struggling man.
“I have to help him,” Wilu said.
“Yes,” is all that his neighbor said.
Wilu grabs his travelling bag, throws it over his shoulder, and hurried out to the pathway. And soon he was beside the fellow.
“May I help you my fine sir,” he asked.”
“Oh. Hi. Well. Certainly young man.” The fellow struggling face seemed to relax a great amount. He stopped for a moment, wiped his brow with a cloth, and took a few breaths. He looked heavenly with a smile and let out a raspy sigh.
The look that he had on his face was a look Wilu was accustomed to seeing. Many people said that he helped too many people. Wilu wasn’t a fighter. He couldn’t win battles. He couldn’t even win an argument. But he could help lift people’s down spirits, win over earthly pains, and further their life’s battles.
“How far are you going today?” Wilu would go as far as need be, as long as it was within a day’s walk.
He held his palm up towards the man, “I’m Wiluwichi, Son of Epimo'olv.”
[Does the man know of his militaristic father? Roll 1+3 = 4;  No
Is he new to the area? Roll 1+5 = 6; No, but … he has lived on the outside of town, and doesn’t involve himself in regional events that much.]
The man brought his unsteady hand up slowly. Wilu only felt a slight strength and pressure as the palms touched in customary manner. “The name’s Kdai. And I know not my father.”
Wilu knew he had to do something to help Kdai. Even in touching palms he could feel the weakness and infirmity
[NPC Creation test. I stop and read the section on creatures which I assume also can be used for NPC humans.
Reading the section took me a little over a minute. Two minutes including looking at the creature examples.
During the creation, I reread specific parts in those sections for stats and skills to help create him.
I know that Kdai is weak physically. I’ll let him have a chance at being logical and standard empathy.
Kdai, struggling stranger
Str 1d6 End 1d6 Agi 1d6 Log 3d6 Emp2d6
Roll Str 3 -1 End 5 -1 Agi 4 -1 Log 11 +1 Emp 7 +0
The creature creation system mentions experience. I haven’t read that section yet. I need to stop and read it now.
Okay, I took maybe 4 minutes to try digesting the experience and the creature creation. I’ll roll now and see what it says.
Roll 6 x 6 = 36 x 3 = 108 years old
I’ll just do some that I think fits this logical person that lives outside of normal society. He needs to be able to hunt, trap, and make things very proficiently especially since he is 108 years old.
Science/Analytics +7
Technical/Trade +6
Weapon Bow +5
Outdoor +7
Crafts +6
Animal +5
Now I will try to figure out how much damage he has. I quickly look at the combat
I roll 3D6 and get 4+3+6=13 = vital organ End caused by something unknown.
Something is wrong with one of his vital organs. I’ll roll 1d6 and reroll if it is greater or equal to his End score of 5. I roll a 3 to his vital organs.
End 5 - 3 = 2 End remaining.
I read the section on healing and compare it to my healing song magic.
Okay, if left to nature he would heal in 1 hour + 20 min in their world time. Wilu is going heal the damage with his healing song.]
He began to sing one of the ancient songs by the musician Gono.
[Magic System test:I reread the section on magic and skills to refresh my memory on what to do. I’m going to do a magic check.
He’ll do his Medium Healing Song for 25 mana.
My magic check will be 2d6 + 1 (magic sk) + 1 (emp since it’s music) + 2 because he is willing and receptive. I roll a 2 & 2 = 4 +4 = 8 he just barely succeeds. I’m going to account that do to his concern, his song comes out a bit unsteady.]
Wiluwhichi tightened his grip on the travois load and began to go forward, his tone, lyrics, and melody wavering occasionally.
There is something about Kdai that made him concerned. Was it only his age? Or was it some other reason.
Quickly Kdai walked stronger, his posture became straighter, and he seemed to be relieved from whatever was ailing him. By the end of Gono’s Healing Song, he looked well. Wilu then switch to singing some other non-magical songs, just to help time pass during their journey.
Up the path they travelled for two hours. Deeper into the hills and forest.

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Trying, editing, and drawing - this weekend's summary

This weekend was spread with several different activities.

3 Deep
Part of the time was spent beginning a character trying the new game 3 Deep. I'll be posting it's story when I get enough content saved up. Right now it is 1 page of material including some roll and result notes. Interesting to me is a started out in a situation from a story I wrote several years ago. And immediately the story changed right from the first roll, despite having the same beginning. I don't know what this story will be about.

With some suggestions I rewrote and added a few suggestions to the future PDF version of ABS12 Fantasy. The final result will a somewhat different than my free version on this site. I look forward to finishing it sometime in the future. There is no ETA on the ABS 12 game. The sooner the better.

I unpacked my pencil and did some drawing today and last night. I drew an Aioskoru orc, an orc sorceror, and my first boat - a sloop.

Common Language for Aioskoru has passed 500 words and with that, it means Goblin is up passed 500 as well. Today I had to even try figuring out what the word for orc could be. I also check giant and many more such as hut. I even added the greeting, welcome.

It's been busy and fun.

Hope those in the states enjoyed their holiday weekend. Thanks to those that joined in on the 10% sale which was mentioned last friday to those that receive emails and have my products at RPGNow..

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3 Deep : Character Creation

For a low price

This is my character creation for the game 3 Deep. It's a new 2D6 or 3D6 rules lite universal game with built in solo gaming engine some of which was influence enough to get ABS12 and me mentioned, among many others. I'm playing the game and passing on my reactions, evaluation, and suggestions.

At first glance - part of the system reminds me of rules lite systems. The stats and skills have a simplicity of Fate, but more details - more like Fate Pathfinder. The magic system reminds me of the versatile Fudge flexible system. It's sort of like HARP or Hero system where you build your powers based on the effects, range, radius, damage, weight, and range. You give it your own effects and descriptions. Magic is not pre-made, so you have to make your own spells and powers.

The combat unlike the stats and skills has more details like a medium sized RPG. Things like hit location, knockback, multiple moves based on speed, and a stat based life/health system are things that differ this game from other lite games. You attack not only a random body part, but a stat tied to that body part as well. When the stat is damaged enough, then loss of unconsciousness on to death can occur. The combat has a bit more crunch than your average light game. But not too much.

Weapons for ancient, medieval, modern, and future are presented as well as vehicle rules.

Stats for 13 creatures are included as well as advice on how to create any creature. 6 common (dog, snake, boar), 3 undead (vampire, skeleton, zombie), and 4 mythical creatures (dragon, centaur, merfolk, werewolf). So it's set to play an outdoor modern adventure, zombie apocalypse, or a little dragon slaying.

I like how this game focuses on certain aspects of gaming such as combat and an easy to use stat, skill, and magic/powers system.

The solo game has a oracle and random even adventure creator,

With that I will go into character creation.

Character to create - Wiluwichi again
I would like to recreate the character that I created during my "Search for great Fantasy or Universal Game" series- Wiluwichi. This will be interesting to compare to other rule light systems.

There are three physical stats and two mental stats with numerical values. Social, appearance, and relations are treated separately which are filled in later.

First the five stats. Out of the four option methods of stat generating (3 rolled and 1 points based) I pick the skewed roll method. 12, 7, 7, 8, 5.

I assign the stats to the character  according to my story character concept, rather than trying to mini max combat or magic.

Urban Human
Strength: 7 (0)
Endurance: 8 (0)
Agility: 7 (0)
Logic: 5 (-1)
Empathy: 12  (+1)

Speed: 4
Mana: 60

Abilities will be based on Roll + Stat+Skill +/- situation modifier with target number of 8 or higher. I do both my skill assignment and my cultural skills.

Artistic: +1
Animal: +1
Athletic: -1
Awareness: +1
Combat: -1
Communication: +1
Crafts: +1
Influence: -1
General Knowledge: +2
Outdoor: -1
Science/Analytics: -1
Magic: +1
Medical: -1
Subterfuge: -1
Technical/Trade: +1
Urban: +1
Weapon Melee: -1
Weapon Bow: -1
Weapon Firearm:
Weapon Energy:

Appearance: Wiluwichi is young adult musician with mystical powers. He has long dark hair, is somewhat skinny and thin, wears soft leather clothing, and wears tribal made non-magical jewelry.

1. He is the son of the former leader of the combined armies of Karduk - who died killing the great demon during the Demon Wars nearly a decade earlier.
2. He is mentored by the wise story telller Tsum'il, who has taught him the basics of music and woodworking.
3. He recently plays magical music to aid community lacrosse team. Full of concern and care, he sometimes emotional rather than logical.

1. He is seeking power through music.
2. He is trying to find his place in life, despite not living up to his father's reputation of being a fierce warrior. Maybe through the path of magical song will he find his destiny and place in life.

Lesser Healing song: 1 healing @ 1 m radius = 1 mana; 1 healing @ 3 m radius = 5 mana; 1 healing @ 5 m radius = 10 mana.
Medum Healing song: 5 healing @ 1 m radius = 5 mana; 5 healing @ 3 m radius = 25 mana; 5 mana @ 5m radius = 50 mana.
Greater Healing song: 10 healing @ 1 m radius = 10 mana; 10 healing @ 3 m radius - 50 mana;
Lesser Light Illusion: 1 mana
Medium Blasting Horn: 5 damage @ 5m range = 5 mana

I'll continue this game play in the next post in this series.

Aioskoru Atlas Scale

I figured out that keeping a separate PDF file, but making sure the zoom amounts are identical, when opened in two windows creates a nice scale which is always near whatever is needing to be measured.