Monday, September 5, 2016

Trying, editing, and drawing - this weekend's summary

This weekend was spread with several different activities.

3 Deep
Part of the time was spent beginning a character trying the new game 3 Deep. I'll be posting it's story when I get enough content saved up. Right now it is 1 page of material including some roll and result notes. Interesting to me is a started out in a situation from a story I wrote several years ago. And immediately the story changed right from the first roll, despite having the same beginning. I don't know what this story will be about.

With some suggestions I rewrote and added a few suggestions to the future PDF version of ABS12 Fantasy. The final result will a somewhat different than my free version on this site. I look forward to finishing it sometime in the future. There is no ETA on the ABS 12 game. The sooner the better.

I unpacked my pencil and did some drawing today and last night. I drew an Aioskoru orc, an orc sorceror, and my first boat - a sloop.

Common Language for Aioskoru has passed 500 words and with that, it means Goblin is up passed 500 as well. Today I had to even try figuring out what the word for orc could be. I also check giant and many more such as hut. I even added the greeting, welcome.

It's been busy and fun.

Hope those in the states enjoyed their holiday weekend. Thanks to those that joined in on the 10% sale which was mentioned last friday to those that receive emails and have my products at RPGNow..

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