Sunday, September 11, 2016

D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project

Beginning a new project - D100 based
A week ago after finishing the Aioksoru World Atlas, and after discussing with a partner the possibilities of working on a future product, maybe in November, it got me thinking of the available source material for the type of project that he and I were considering. We met in a specific D100 game forum. That specific D100 game is a system which closely guards it's licensing, and doesn't allow other's to make money making products for that system by using their name officially and don't want us stating our products to it's system.

While browsing forums looking for d100 OGL systems I noticed comments saying that d20 is just a easier, many say better because of the easier math,  because d100 is just d20 times 5.

But that doesn't help in itself when I coudln't find any d100 OGL SRD that was popular besides MRQ D100 and OQ2 D100. Both of which are roll under systems very similar because OQ2 was built greatly from MRQ I think.

5e d20 to 5e x 5
I thought What happens if we take the most popular game, 5e - a d20 game - and convert it to d100 by multiplying stuff out by 5? Using the formula d20 x 5 = d100. Hence the project name 5e x 5, or quicker 5ex5. I suggested this project to him, knowing that the task would be great. His reply was immediately positive and wanted to be involved.

It isn't as simple as it first sounds.

Just in the monster section are 10k changes. At least 1K more in the magic items. And 'find and replace' would be too difficult because it would change the wrong numbers many times.

So we together have formed a two person crew to try creating a new D100 SRD - project name 5e x 5 - which will be available as quickly as we can make it as a PWYW download. It will be OGL still so anyone could may any project or use the end product to make adventures and other game systems based on it. The information will be much more compatible with existing d100 games - Runequest, Basic Role Playing, Rolemaster, Warhammer, Gore, MERP, HARP, Hackmaster.

The project will create another D100 system which is already familiar to many gamers.

Hopefully we can finish it quickly and maybe use it in November for National Game Design Month. And help others to populate the world with some more d100 material - adventures and stuff.

Getting familiar with 5e
I haven't been overly familiar with 5e. I've never played it myself. I have read the free basic set and looked through the SRD, and used it for the basis of my ABS12 stuff. And I've used it when I was making a list of all the available OGL stats for one creature several months ago.

Ease of proficiency
This project has allowed me to look into the rules section. I've been focusing on the Character section for my initial conversion project. I like how the proficiency simplifies skill specialization. In other games, you normally have to keep track of each skill independently. In 5e, the bonus is set based on level. You just need a list of what skills that bonus applies to.

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