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ABS12: Healing

All the changes from this page will be added to the complete master game page at A Basic System 12 (ABS12).

I looked over many systems. Realistic games heal slower. Most fantasy games heal in one day. Cinematic games heal after each scene.

Because of that I'll implement a scaling system with 3 levels into ABS12.

Natural Healing Rate
How quickly a character recovers depends on the type of game being played.

Healing rates 
Realistic = 1 Life per day
Standard = Restore all life with full sleep
Cinematic = Restore life after each scene

My Research Notes
For D20 related games

Hit points are based on character classes  which assigns a hit dice and modified by constitution stat and/or magic. Race modifies constitution occasionally. A creature size determines their hit dice. Level determines the number of hit dice and modifier multiplier.

Looking at 5e, healing can takes place quickly by magic for instant healing through a power or potion. Short rests can be used to spend hit dice to recover hit points by rolling + con modifier. Long rests can recover hit dice. 8 hours of resting can restore all of the hit dice spent.

Different than 5e, characters recover 1 hp/level after 8 hrs of rest.

Basic Fantasy RPG
Recovers 1HP/ 6 hours of sleep - CON modifier. If fully bed rest, add +1 HP recovered.

Dungeon World
Make Camp move recovers half of your total HP amount.
Recovery move recovers all of your total HP amount after a full day of rest.

Fantasy Craft
Vitality is based on one's class + CON modifier.

A regular character looses all accumulated damage at the end of a scene.
A special character regains 1 vitality per career level per hour of rest & 1 vitality per day.
Mend check (DR: 15) heals 2d6 damage.

Other Games
Barbarians of Lemuria
Hit points are based on 10 + STR. After 10 to 15 min rest, heal half. After that, 1 HP/day.

A character's Life (LIF) equals three times Health (HLT) plus two times Will (WIL).

Superficial 1xHLT
Light Wound 2xHLT
Serious Wound 3xHLT
Critical Wound 4xHLT
Fatal Wound 5xHLT

Action! uses three levels of healing depending on the type of game being played. Realistic mode has it's three types of healing as hour for stunning, week for lethal, and month for special damage. Cinematic mode has minute for stunning, day for lethal, and week for special damage. Extreme mode has turn for stunning, day for lethal, and day for special damage.

Each character has by default 2 physical stress and 2 mental stress with values of 1point and 2point. They also have 3 consequence slots: mild, moderate, and severe. Physique adds physical stress boxes with higher values. Will adds mental stress boxes with higher values.Both can add an additional mild consequence at superb rating.

At the end of the conflict after taking a breath, all stress return to their original states.
Mild consequences recover in one scene. Moderate consequences recover in one session. Severe consequences recover in one scenario.

Cumulating Wounds. Two wounded. One Neutralized. One Mortally Wounded.

Strength roll
Wounded: 3 days rest, roll.
Wounded twice: 3 days rest, roll.
Neutralized: 2 weeks rest, roll.
Mortally Wounded: 1 month rest, roll.

D6 has an optional localized wound system. It's a 2d6 roll. With head, neck, eyes, ears, arms, legs, torso, heart, and ribcage results and states.

Hit points equals (Size+Constitution)/2. Races may modify SIZ and CON. Major wounds equals HP/2.

Minor injuries CON/4 HP/24 hours
Major Wound must do a healing test & recover 1 HP/day

Health points equals (Body+Soul)*5.
Recovery is the amount of the Body stat per day.

Cliche dice regained at the end of combat at a healing rate determined by the GM.

Recover all ranks if not in danger.
Recover 1d6 ranks if still in danger. GM decides when to recover additional ranks.

Hits equals Action die + Wits die.

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