Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Added the Creatures & Monsters page references to the Aioskoru Monster's list.

Aioskoru Monsters

Today, the last of the select references for Aioskoru monsters was added from Creature's and Monsters. I might have to double check some of the other systems, because as I was looking up newer systems I had decided to add more monsters which for one reason or another weren't listed.


Also, I decided to put them in order by RM and/or HARP first available levels rather than alphabetically or by type. If a monster is available at different levels, it will be found under it's first level. This should make finding appropriate level monsters easier, making the list a bit more functional.

Languages for Human, Elf, Goblin, and Orc species/races

I've finished Orc and Elf, basic grammar for verb, noun, and pronoun conjugations along with various articles, prefixes, suffixes, and markers.

I may change the grammar or the vocabulary but here is the first ever Aioskoru full orc sentence attempt which I will make right now.

Kavinuov vavk nukadok dhui da nusimar kukiav ka ko akuvk linut vaau. Literally: Ate the small human the fat pig at/in a single house of his. Orc: The small human ate the fat pig at his house.
 To say it, 'a' as in father, 'i' as in the 'ie' in grieve, 'u' as in dude, 'o' as in go. Consonants are as in English regular pronunciations.

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