Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Highways of Aioskoru

Highways of Aioskoru

Highways of Aioskoru

Following the 3D large map mountains and hills, I drew up some highways that make sense logistically for all but the northern region which should remain a mystery at this point.

I also left the mountains mostly untouched, the passes and such.

Other news

I started six languages for the world, including what had been developed so far from common.

Three of the languages are proto-languages.

Common: Proto Indo European; Elvish: Proto Austronesian; Dwarvish: Proto Afro Asiatic.

The other three will be corruptions and evolved languages evolved in certain directions - one for each based language - which will become Goblin, Orc, and a third melodic type language.

I am working on developing the 200 or so basic terms for all six languages silmutlaneously. For gramar, I have also decided on 3 different gramatical sentence structures for each pair of language.

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