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Fables part 5: add magic

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Fables part 5: add magic

Possible magic for the creatures

Beyond the meaning found in various cultures, there is obvious magic powers that could be assigned to bird and snake.

Elemental Powers

A.) The bird flies in the air. Air elemental powers are obvious powers that a bird may have.

An offensive air power is some sort of air, wind, tornado, hurricane, gust or blast of air.

Defensively, air might redirect some sort of threat - like a defensive wall of air.

Utility wise, air is important for breathing. Lack of air leads to death.

B.) Snakes slither on the earth and sometimes hide in holes, cracks, and under logs or rocks.

Elemental wise, snakes are closer maybe to earth powers.

Many snakes are known to be venomous.  Snake poison and toxins may weaken, make sick, paralyze, or kill prey.

Powers not normally associated with the animal
Sometimes powers not normally associated in natural animals may be assigned to the animals.

Mythology reveals the fiery phoenix and firebird, electric thunderbird, winged feathered serpent.

One site shows snakes with clairvoyance, shape shifting, and hypnosis.

So whether or not I go with more obvious powers or powers extending the natural snake abilities, powers have and do get assigned to birds and snakes.

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