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Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Expanded character.

Star Frontiers series
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 1) Character Creation and rules summary
Star Frontiers Game Play: part 2: first adventure
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 3) The chase 

Star Frontiers is available for free in its entirety from  Or remastered from Also there are Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer downloadable magazines.

In Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Basic, I had my character Ethest do the beginning adventure where he was attacked by raiders that turned out to be satharian agents. I now want to upgrade to the original expanded version of the game called Star Frontiers Expanded Game Rules.

After that, I plan on soloing the sample adventure on page 58 later this week.

Changes in the Expanded Version

I see that in Expanded, humans get +5 to any one ability. I choose Dexterity since it is used for 'to hit'.

My character also gets 95 (1d100) + 250 = 345 more credits.

I have to choose a PSA, a Primary Skill Area. Ethest chooses Military of course.
I receive 2 skills at level one rank. I pick beam and thrown of course. My accuracy is going to go down with the expanded version because it uses 1/2 Dex + 10% per rank instead of the full Dex bonus.

I'll probably spend 3 Exp on martial arts as well, in case my weapon ammo runs out. It also gives me nerve punch and falling damage reduction, combat throwing damage, and damage. I improve my Dex by 3 exp.

Weapons and Armor
I buy a military skeinsuit for more defense protection. I buy another energy clip, 3 doze grenades, and 4 frag grenades. I don't have a lot of damage with my laser, so the frag grenades will help out dish more bang.

I also see that I can walk 5 km per hour.

B. Character Sheet

Character Name: Ethest
Race: Human
Handedness: Right
Sex: Male
Walk: 2
Run: 6
Hourly: 5 km

Physical Data
STR/STA: 55 / 55
DEX/RS: 78 / 70
INT/LOG: 60 / 60
PER/LEAD: 55 / 55
IM: 7

Medical Records
Current STA: 55

Weapon             Damage    Basic to Hit #    PB S-10  M-20   L-40   E-80     Ammo
Laser Pistol        1d10                   49              1     4       10     20       40        28
Doze Grenade     sleep                  49            0-5  6-10 11-15 15-25 26-60      3
Frag Grenade     8d10                  49            0-5  6-10 11-15 15-25 26-60       4
Martial Punch      3+1          38 or 49

Suit: Military Skeinsuit

Energy Record
Suit up to 50 ballistic/melee

Personal File
Racial Abilities:

Experience: 0 Exp

Credits: 15 credits


Primary Skill Area: Military PSA
PSA Skill                     Level
Beam                              1
Thrown                          1
Martial Arts                   1
Tumbling              -1 fall dam
Defensive throw          1 dam
Nerve combat       1- 6, 10
Melee                             1

Secondary Skill          Level


Item                                                        Mass
Chronograph/ communicator
First Aid Pack
Stimdose 1 dose
Staydose 1 dose
Id Card
Pocket Tool
Survival Rations 5 days

Type                         Move      Level             Mission              Program

Type                         AC/DC/TN/SP/CR     Pass        Cargo

Level        EN Pts     Mass     Program

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