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Star Frontiers Game Play: part 2: first adventure

Star Frontiers series
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 1) Character Creation and rules summary

Star Frontiers is once available again. Also there are Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer downloadable magazines.

With the character created in the last post, I'm going to try doing the first Basic adventure, which is a storylike structure with numbered sections.

The book says for me to control 4 characters, but I don't want to do that.

After reading the Start it mentions that I'm in the Security Service building with the chief of security, head programmer, and 4 technicians. It mentions the security break in which happened. The programmer shows the security info and command crystals and that nothing is wrong. When given the choices of waiting for the raiders, investigating the scene of the crime, or asking the computer for raid patterns, I choose the computer.

The computer shows a circle of lights around this planet.

The chief realizes that it is an inside job.

Suddenly there is a soft pop and the chief and programmer are  surrounded by gas.

The technicians surround me.

The vrusk commands one to watch me. The game has two surrounding the group but I will just do one, Kochinho the dralasite.

As the others do stuff elsewhere, sound is coming down from the hall.

One technician, the Yazarian reappears and as the door opens throws a black blob.

The blob hits a guard that was entering and strangles the guard down.

Options given are to wait and watch, try to talk to, or attack the raider.

I pick try to talk to it (the dralasite) first.

The raider says that I better keep quiet if I know what's good for me.

I can either wait or attack.

I choose to attack.

The dralasite is 2 squares = 10 meters away and the notes say we all have cover -10.

Round 1
I roll a 1 +6 IM = 8
I pick a card of 7 + 5 = 12 for the raiders.

The dralasite goes first.
45 Dex, 35 Sta, move 1, 4 has laser pistol

45 Dex - 10 cover, -10 short range= 25 to hit
I draw two cards = 32; a miss barely. The laser hits a desk nearby, sending sparks across my arm.

I draw my laser and fire.
70 Dex - 10 cover, -10 short range = 50 to hit.
I roll a 79 and miss by a good distance. In my hurry and being in experienced I miss the dralasite.

Round 2
dralasite 4 + 5 = 9
I roll a 10 + 6 = 16, I go first.

Ethest tries again.
I roll a 28, a good solid hit.
Lasers do 1d10 damage, rolling a 3, maybe to an arm since it isn't much damage. Stamina is now 32.

The dralasite shoots.
88, a miss by far. the pain of getting shot in the arm.

The others are letting the dralasite continue to fight alone despite having been shot once. They have moved off to another section of the building.

Round 3
dralasite 7 + 5 = 12
me 6 + 6 = 12
Tie, the rules says to the side with the highest RS attacks first though damage occurs simultaneous.

I have higher RS, 70 vs 45.

I fire again.
84, a miss.

The dralasite picks 65, a miss.

Round 4
Initiative 9 + 6 = 15
dralasite 3 + 5 = 8

I fire again.
30, a hit.
4 damage, = 28 Sta.

dralasite, 28, a miss barely.

Round 5
Initiative 7
dralasite 8

dralasite  79, miss

me 24, hit.
3 damage, = 25 hit points remaining.

Round 6
Initiative me 13 , dralasite 15

dralasite 12, hit.
2 damage, 53 remaining.

me 95, miss

Round 7
Initiative me 14, dral 15

dralasite 56, miss

me 80, miss.

I decide to move closer, next round.

Round 8
Initiative me 16, dral 9

I move two squares eliminating cover and range.
I then fire, now at point blank range somewhere around 5 meters or so for . To hit is now 70. For the dralasite it will be 45 to hit me.

I fire.
09, a hit doing 9 damage. The dralasite has 16 hit points remaining.

dralasite 49, a miss barely.

Round 9
Initiative me 10, dral 11

dralasite 61, misses

I 77, miss

Round 10
Initiative me 16, dral 9

I 68, hit. 10 damage. the dralasite only has 6 hp.

dralasite 91 miss.

Round 11
Initiative me 7, dral 11

dralasite 91 miss.

me 59, hit . doing 3 damage. The dralasite is shot up with holes and is weak, nearly collapsing.

Round 12
Initiative me 14, dral 13

me 07, rolling 8 damage. This laser hits the dralasite in the chest and it falls to the ground.

Dralasite Konchinho is unconscious shot up with many holes.

I have 53 remaining HP, escaping with just one small wound.

The book has shooting each once as a trigger for causing the next action. I'll change it to defeating the dralasite as the cause.

One of the raiders, Gramlic grabs a bag that he put the cube into and the other three join him and run out the door.

Having had a head start, two jump into a skimmer and one splits up and runs across the road.

Do I call Star Law and alert them, pursue the lone runner, or pursue the skimmer.

I call Star Law.

They alert the spaceport.

I then either look to see what they were after, pursue the lone runner, or pursue the skimmer.

I pursue the lone runner.

The runner runs to the monorail.

I decide to get a cab and pursue the monorail.

At the government building terminal the raider emerges and runs to a waiting skimmer.

To Be Continued

In the next post I will do a chase scene on skimmers.

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