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Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 3) The chase

Star Frontiers series
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 1) Character Creation and rules summary
Star Frontiers Game Play: part 2: first adventure
Star Frontiers: Alpha Dawn Gameplay (Part 3) The chase 

Star Frontiers is available for free in its entirety from  Or remastered from Also there are Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer downloadable magazines.

Summary of what has happened

In the last post, Gramlic the vrusk with a bag with security cubes in emerged from the monorail after a foot chase and jumped into the awaiting skimmer with his two other conspirators. 

I, Ethest the human, had chased him after they committed treason and stolen security information, they are raiders posed as technicians. They have raided other areas all around the planet.

The chase continues

Since they don't know I followed and am behind them, I get a free attack.

I throw my doze grenade into the skimmer which is right in front of me 5 meters

doze grenade 70 - 10 (distance) - 10 (cover) = 50 to hit.
roll = 36, a hit.

Aiming carefully, more exact than any prior training simulation, I toss the doze grenade into the skimmer. It lands to inside to one side - but it makes it.

A soft puff sounds and the skimmer is filled with a gaseous cloud.

The three attempt to flee, but are overwhelmed by the knockout gas.

My cab comes to a gentle stop as their skimmer slows and then stops.

Armed with my laser pistol, I carefully and crouching low scurry up to the skimmer. Quickly peaking in, I see the three raiders asleep in the skimmer.

I move back to the other cab and alert Star Law of their capture. 

I pay the cab.

Star Law arrives and captures the three raiders. 

I find out later that the dralasite was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Pan-Galactic is please that I captured the raiders and that the raids have been stopped. The cubes had contained information concerning all PGC security systems. 

Later, I try to interrogate the raiders. During interrogation, they each smile and touch their collars uncomfortably. Then then star dumbly at me. I later find out that their collars injected a chemical to turn them into idiots.

Star Law finds a message from a Satharian with instructions to meet at an asteroid with plans to steal a new weapon of mass hysteria to use on the planet.

The end of this adventure!

The End


Credits = for total raiders captured 4 x 20 = 80 credits,
retrieving the cube = 50 credits,
alerting Star Law during the battle = 20 credits.
total = 150 credits.

The basic game doesn't show experience points, but I know the expanded game has it. I'll use the expanded book for experience.

I'll give 3 exp for the security building confrontation and 3 exp for stopping the fleeing raiders. = 6 exp

I'll save the exp and credits to spend for the next Alpha Dawn Expanded adventure when I upgrade my character to the full original game.

Here is my current character sheet

B. Character Sheet

Character Name: Ethest
Race: Human
Handedness: Right
Sex: Male
Walk: 2
Run: 6

Physical Data
STR/STA: 55 / 55
DEX/RS: 70 / 70
INT/LOG: 60 / 60
PER/LEAD: 55 / 55
IM: 7

Medical Records
Current STA: 55

Weapon             Damage    Basic to Hit #    PB S-10  M-20   L-40   E-80     Ammo
Laser Pistol        1d10                   70              1     4       10     20       40        8


Energy Record

Personal File
Racial Abilities:

Experience: 6 Exp

Credits: 150 credits


Primary Skill Area:
PSA Skill                     Level

Secondary Skill          Level


Item                                                        Mass
Chronograph/ communicator
First Aid Pack
Stimdose 1 dose
Staydose 1 dose
Id Card
Pocket Tool
Survival Rations 5 days

Type                         Move      Level             Mission              Program

Type                         AC/DC/TN/SP/CR     Pass        Cargo

Level        EN Pts     Mass     Program

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