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Fables part 4: building a basic action & reaction

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Fable part 2: bird symbolism
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Fable part 4: snake symbolism
Fables part 4: building a basic action & reaction

Going through my notes, from both days and my ponderings, I'll now try to make a few sketches of some fables.

bird guide, atonement, resurrection, wisdom, hope, help, courage, happiness, splendor, or wisdom

snake healing, rebirth, benevolent, inspiration, creator, intelligent, without morals
fear, threats, untrustworthy, dangerous, and vengeful

  • The dangers of expending too much power (magic) when using powers.
  • How powers can be used for both good and bad purposes.
  • Powers can be used in unusual ways besides obvious purposes.

Structure of fable

At the minimum, looking over the Aesop fables from both the bird and snake symbolism posts, a basic structure of the two interacting with each other either directly or indirectly.

bird + action.... reaction
snake + action.... reaction

Direct interaction
snake does something to bird.
bird does something to snake.

Indirect interaction
snake does something that leads to bird interaction.
bird does something that leads to snake interaction.

Bird and snake actions

Bird most often sings, eats, or flies.
Snake most often bites or slithers into hiding.

So based on these, I can have:
A.) Bird sings and the snake hears the song and then the snake reacts.
B.) Bird eats and snake sees bird eating and then the snake reacts.
C.) Bird tries to eat snake, and the snake reacts.
D.) Bird tries to fly, snake does something to prevent, impede, or change the flight of the snake for some reason.

H.) A snake tries to bite a bird, and the bird reacts.
I.) A snake slithers, and the bird reacts.
Not all birds sing.
J.) A bird crows, quacks, screeches, pecks wood, winnows, mimics, hoots,

Of course, not all birds can fly.
K.) A bird that can't fly is fleeing from a snake.
L.) A bird that can't fly seeks help from a snake.

And some birds can swim.
M.) A snake sees a bird swimming and has some plan.

And some snakes can swim as well.
N.) A water snake is swimming, and the bird reacts.

For snakes, I think that the healing, resurrection, and renewal symbolism of snakes from some cultures comes due to snakes the shedding of skin.
O.) A snake sheds its skin, and the bird reacts.

Pythons may also wrap and strangle their prey.
P.) A snake strangles something, and the bird reacts.
Q.) A snake tries to strangle the bird, and the bird reacts.

Birds may also be known for their talons.
R.) A bird attacks the snake with its talons, and the snake reacts.
S.) A bird grabs something with its talons, and the snake reacts.

Snakes hiss.
T.) The snake hissed at the bird, and the bird reacts.

Rattlesnakes rattle.
U.) The rattlesnake rattled, and the bird reacts.

Cobras rear upward, hoods flattened.
V.)  The cobra reared its head, and the bird reacts.

Next Post

In the next Post I'll explore possible magic context, since Aioskoru is a magical world.

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