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Myths and Fables: ponderings & decisions

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Myths and Fables: ponderings  & decisions

With Character Generator released last week, time spent on 5e x 5 Future Mecha, and an Adjective Generator I didn't get time to look up the 'snake'.

Instead I'll spend a quick post mentioning one aspect of creating a fable that has entered my thoughts.

Do I create the moral lesson for a fable first?

Or do I create a situation of those involved and then construct the moral later.

My first instinct is to create the lesson that I want the fable to portray first. In that way, I would be more certain that the fable fits the message and the reason such fable would be told and retold down through generations.

In contrast to creating a moral lesson first would be creating an interesting story or situation first and then try figuring out what moral message could be extracted.

Another issue that I'm facing is trying to fit the three ingredients into a fable and yet create a specific moral message.

While I have said that I would like to use the bird, snake, and moon in a fable, I may not have the appropriate story to go with that moral lesson involving those individual parts.

Moral Lessons

Some of the moral lessons that come through my mind revolve around the use of powers, since Aioskoru is a world with supernatural beings as well as powers.

  • The dangers of expending too much power (magic) when using powers.
  • How powers can be used for both good and bad purposes.
  • Powers can be used in unusual ways besides obvious purposes.
These are just three moral lessons that I had thought of that a fable can explain.

No one fable yet comes to mind to cover all three topics

The real issue to me is the moons of the world I haven't figured out how to included in any one fable. I may have to create several fables to cover the three topics.

I hope even though this post doesn't cover any creation of myth or fable that this has been a beneficial post that may help others.

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