Friday, March 10, 2017

Progress 2017 - 1st Quarter

Just an update to revisit the big picture
1st Quarter update for 2017 World of the Fifth Sun

Future Project Goals for 2017 and further [1st Quarter update]

Here is a list of projects that come to mind looking over the current landscape of products and the blog. This list is mixed blog and RPG products.

5e x 5 Modern Equipment
5e x 5 Future Equipment
Character Generator
More JAGS content

Soon to be done
5e x 5 Future Mecha
5e x 5 Monsters illustrated. Peter finished and gave me a commercial art version in January. Busy with Future and Modern, on the side I've been painting up some monsters to release both simultaneous - a commercial version and a commercial + co author version.
Aioskoru Fairy Language based on my blog posts
Adjective Generator

Short term goals

Verb Generator
Story Plot Engine
Aioskoru Campaign material - content feature sections of the Aioskoru world. Waiting on Story Plot Engine
5e x 5 Future Robots

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