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Fable part 3: snake symbolism

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What have snakes symbolized?

For Native Americans, the snake can symbolize healing and rebirth. For Pueblo, the snake may mean storm bringer.  

For the Pueblo, Avanyu - the Horned Serpent - is benevolent but fearful. It is the companion of the trickster god Kokopelli. The antlers or horns represent spiritual power. The Horned Serpent normally symbolizes rain, thunder, and waterways. 

for the Hopi, they perform an annual snake dance to celebrate the union of the Sky and the Underworld and renew the fertility of nature. The hopes is that rain will fall upon the crops

For Mississippians, the the horned serpent was normally benign or benevolent. However the Great Serpent was normally malevolent. 

The Choctaw Horned Serpent is a source of inspiration.

The Feathered Serpent is more prominent in Mississippi, Aztec, and Mayan cultures revered much similar to the Horned Serpent of other cultures.

Southeast Asia and Australia
Rainbow Serpent has played a significant role as creator for the original people of this area.

Past Fables

Aesop, Greek fable storyteller, has several snake related fables.

In "The Laborer and the Snake", the snake killed the cottager's son. And then the cottager wounds the snake. The cottager then tries to make peace, but the snake warns that there will never be peace because of what each other did.

In "The Farmer and the Snake", the snake found frozen by the farmer is brought to the farmers body to try warming. The snake awakes and bites killing the farmer.

In "The Serpent and the Eagle", the eagle tries to capture and eat the snake. The snake fights back. The countryman frees the eagle from the snake. The snake spits venom into the guy's drinking horn. The eagle dumps the drinking horn before the countryman drinks the poison.

For all three Greek fables, the snake is untrustworthy, dangerous, and vengeful.


In much of the New Testament, the serpent is Satan.


In the chinese zodiac, the snake is intelligent though without morals.

Snakes in dreams

In dreams, snakes can refer to fear, hidden threats, the subconscious, sexual power, cold people, transformation, healing, or creativity.

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