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Star Frontiers: Expanded - sample adventure

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Star Frontiers: Expanded - sample adventure

Star Frontiers is available for free in its entirety from  Or remastered from Also there are Star Frontiersman and Frontier Explorer downloadable magazines.

This is from the expanded rule book on page 58, the Sample Adventure.

I've realized that the rules are much heavier than the basic rules. So I find the rules too cumbersome for solo gaming, I'll default to the basic rules for hopefully quicker resolution.


A ship has been missing a few days and is believed to have crash landed on the plane. Ethest must locate the ship, rescue any survivors, and find out why the ship crashed.


An aerial search spotted a barren grove of trees possibly burned by the ship engine. The ship could not be seen from the air. He was dropped in the barren trees, given a homing device. The aircar will return in 20 hours.

Barren Trees

The trees are bare and burned, however smaller foliage is not burned. The homing device detects a signal coming from the southeast. I see something that looks like a billowy cloud in that direction.

Ethest easily walks across the barren area and enters the forest. As he walks towards the forest he makes note of the sun location in the sky.

Rolling an INT/LOG (60) check modified +15 due to the cloud help and tree shadows, though in the denser forest, to help maintain the correct direction to the cloud compared to the signal. 60 +15 = 75. Roll = 63.

Although the traveling is slowed by the density of the deciduous forest and the cloud direction is soon confusing and mostly blocked, thankfully an occasional glance at the smoke cloud and shadows helps confirmed that the signal and smoke are in the same direction. Ethest walks 4 hours through the green forest.

Soon the signal is really close.

He began to look around the area and saw the signal beacon snagged in a tree hanging around 10 meters above ground. As he approached closer, he can see a parachute tangled in a branch above.

He strains to make out any indicator of what happened when a form floats onto the tree, several vine-like tentacles lowering quickly towards him. It's a strangler chute!

Reaction Speed (70) check. Roll of 91 = fail.

Ethest was too slow to move away from the tentacles. A current of electricity tingles through Ethest's body stunning him for a few seconds.

When he regains his senses, he tries to escape once again.

RS (70) check. Roll of 55 = success.

Having regained his sense, he awkwardly rolls out from under the tree avoiding several tentacles.

Once out, he winced in pain, noticing the red burn mark along shoulder where the strangler chutes tentacle touched.
"Damn, you cursed creature," he said to the jelly sack-like creature that floats upon air currents. The wind had just happened to carry it to this tree at this moment.

He put a little bit of water onto a cupped hand and sprinkled some onto the throbbing shoulder.  The water wet his jumpsuit soaking the area which help to lessen the pain of the burn.

He swigged a few times to quench his now dry throat. Each drink seemed to go from his throat pouring out to his skin, sweat gathered on his brow.

I better be cautious, he thought, now he looked once again upward.

He then figured that the strangler chute had drifted with the wind blowing from the southwest. Maybe the beacon drifted from that direction as well.

Getting up from the ground, he dusted off dirt, old leaves, and twigs from rolling on the ground. Following the direction the creature had drifted in from, he adjusted his backpack on his shoulders and walked on.

It wasn't long before the forest began to thin and soon he was walking down hill through some grassy field.

Grassy Field

He followed the treeline down, now traveling much swifter, glad that he could now see everything around him.

Other strangler chutes drifted in the wind. Wing rippers glided in formation across the fields. One dove to the ground. When it appeared in the air again, something was in its mouth.

Off in the distance, a river or stream in the distance.

He walked down the gentle slope towards the stream.


Once at the stream, he readied to fill up his water container if it was clean. Most of the water seemed clean enough. He lowered the water container and started the filtration unit.

As it hummed, he looked across the 10 meter wide flowing water.

Then something caught his eyes.
Narrow ribbons of something glistening floated down from the stream from the west.


"The ship is upstream!" he said, now happy for more help on his mission to find the ship.

To be continued

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