Thursday, July 2, 2020

Learning about Poetry (part 9): Words for the senses

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Here is where my prior research left off, with a clean slate of rhymes for the next exercises or more.

I heard the busk,
echo the city dusk.
I'm just a husk,
of my former self.
Protruding sharp and long, 
impaled the tusk.
From noon to dusk.
A heavy scent of musk.
Don't be brusque!
Hurt and lusk.
Eating cusk and rusk.
The sliding and gliding mollusk.
A single foot of a mollusk.
Aromatic musk.
There by dusk.
Gone by dusk.

First, I will pass through and pull out verses that deal with sound, tastes, scents, touch, and sight—very similar to my Fact Generator.

I heard the bombastic busk,
blasting echoes in the city dusk.
"Don't be brusque!" I said to the one most abrupt.
A heavy scent of lingering fresh musk.
Beads of sweat on skin forming an aromatic musk.

Scent and Touch
Eating fishy cusk and crunchy rusk.
There by rainy, wet dusk.

Touch and sight
The slippery sliding and gliding slimy mollusk.
Protruding sharp and long, like fangs
impaled deep and deadly the tusk.

I'm just an empty dried husk,
of my ancient former self.
Hurt and lusk, unmoving, sunken in a sofa.
From bright noon to darkening dusk.
A single undulating foot of a dark shelled mollusk.
Gone far by final dusk.

Although not as brief, the verses seem to have a little more weight and detail. Next post I'll take a look at how many adverbs and adjectives I can reduce vague description and make more detailed and exact.

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