Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aioskoru Adventure seeds

Aioskoru Centaur Region Adventure Seeds

For this blog post, I wanted to present a few adventure seeds for thee Ekouinmanus Kapos region of the world, to help progress the adventurers into the content. The world content can be found on the Aioskoru World section. Statistics for the NPCs can be found in various sources. See the monster reference page for details. Specific regional info can be found on the Ekouinmanus Kapos page.

Goals: Meeting the centaurs, gaining trust, meeting secondary main figures, meeting scorpion centaurs, meeting the goblins.
  1. The adventurers are surrounded by a patrol band of centaur. If the group tries to negotiate a way to prove that they are friendly, the leader will ask them to scout out and confront an enemy scorpion centaur camp which has been making their way too close to their area a few hills over. In return, they will allow their entry, escorted to the nearest village to meet a village elder.
    • During the adventures observation of the centaur, they see a messenger come. A few minutes later, it or another one leaves the camp
  2. The patrol band's scout report several dead from several local horse free ranging horse herds. Freedom from horse slavery is important to the centaurs. They would like the adventurers to investigate, find, and bring the culprit to justice.
  3. A great illness has broken out in one of the small centaur tribes killing a few older centaurs, far away from even a medium villages. Their tribe lacks a healer. The chief would like you to go get help from the healers in the closest village. The send with you a token as a sign that you are sent representing their tribe. 
    • The healer send the adventurers into hills inhabited by goblins and giant bees to collect ingredients to make a healing antidote.
    • A mystical mortician has arrived at the tribe to perform the death ceremony. After that, the corpses of the dead must be escorted along with the mystical mortician  to the centaur cemetery to insure safe passage into the Plains of Grazing. The centaurs believe that any interference or successful attack on the funeral procession means that those that died will not reach the Plains of Grazing.
    • Naraxeth, head of the mystical morticians is coming to observe the one that the adventure party helped escort. He is son of the last king, nephew of the current king Cykr
  4. A messenger has arrived. The medium village or local guard post is expecting the arrival of Iletrel, military leader of the entire centaur land tomorrow. Any help to prepare them to receive the military leader would be helpful: cleaning, gathering wood, organizing, getting food together for the dinning halls, etc.
    • Rumors may be over heard either by the leaders or soldiers of increase in goblin infestation.
  5. A farmer needs tools to help prepare for the upcoming planting/harvesting/fertilizing (any season except winter) of alfalfa - the staple food of centaurs. His/her normal help has been out injured/sick. He/she has a list of tools needed as well as the damaged tools. 
    • The adventures can go to the tool vendors or ironsmith to try getting the tools repaired. The smith may ask them to procure iron ore and or coal from the mines. On the way to the mines or in the mines is a good place for confronting goblins. Once dealt with and raw materials obtained, the story can lead into the field work, with more interaction with goblins and enter into a the goblin story arch.

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