Sunday, October 23, 2016

Orc comparison: 5e x 5 to other d100 games.

5e SRD Series
D & D 5th Edition and a 5e x 5 SRD Project
The difficulty with 5e escalating HP and Damage.

I wanted to compare stats on several d100 systems. RMU which is in beta now and upcoming from ICE is not included although I have the file due to a user agreement.

Most of the systems only show the offense, defense, life, and movement.

Attribute Stats

RQ/OQ and the upcoming RMU (not shown) do show the attribute stats.

The RQ/OQ Orc is faster and less durable. The 5e x 5 Orc is more durable and less quick. The RQ orc isn't as strong as the other two. Those are the major differences according to the stats.


Most of the systems show soft leather for beginning orcs, rigid leather for normal orcs, and chain armor or plate breastplate for leaders. The actual defense bonus amount varies for each system. Most of the games include shields with the orc.


5e x 5  weapon wise departs and differs in that the orcs use great axes and javelins. The other games use the scimitar and shortbow.


The older ICE games don't include skills.
The OQ Orc is fairly good at perceiving. The RQ orc is good at dodging and resisting diseases and poisons.The 5e x 5 orc is good at crafting and athletics.

The RQ orc skills that I forgot to add to this chart.
RQ Athletics 30%,  Perception 35%,  Deception 35%
Saves Dexterity 40%, Constitution 55%,

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