Friday, February 17, 2017

Myth #1: Blood and Water - Begin

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Myth making: my plan
What are myths, legends, and folklore? Definitions (Quotes)
Joseph Cambell : Myths
Mythology: How they are created

This is a creation story somewhat similar to the Japanese creation story. It continues from the initial myth of the immense skeleton Hewhoshestes floating in the endless void. The maggots having consumed the ancient being's flesh crawl towards the world. The skeleton dips a quill into a bottle with the ink of life (blood) and and upon the scroll begins to create.

Myth #1: Blood and Water - Begin

Blood dripping from the sky.

Falling into a pool of water. Simmering and stirring.

Sparkling bubbles rising to air.

From within the pool, the blood condenses. 

Formless becomes form. Stillness into movement. 

The blood of the ancient one, grandfather bones.

Life awakes, or transforms, or becomes.

From blood and water, it begins.

Blood  and Water - Begin 
© 2017 Ken Wickham

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