Thursday, February 16, 2017

Starting a series of reviews for IJRP articles in search of usable information

I wanted to start a series trying to find practical uses for the material found in the International Journal of Roleplaying

The Many Faces of Role-Playing Games by Michael Hitchens and Anders Drachen
This spends 7 pages trying to define roleplaying game using several definitions. Next it uses 4 pages to look at several specific forms of RPGs: tabletop/pen and paper, systemless, live-action, single player digital, massively multiplayer, freeform, and pervasive. It then covers 5 common features of a RPG in 3 pages.

I'm not sure how this would be used. It is too long to be used effectively. And there is a slight danger of using it prescriptively to categorize what 'is' or 'isn't' a roleplaying game. If this were reduced to the essence, it might be useful maybe in two pages. There is about 17 too many pages to make the point.

These pages will be archived in on a page where all of the reviews can be found.

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