Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Project RPG & Story

This is the beginning of another scene somewhat similar to the ABS12 stuff that I wrote, rather it is using a Fudge based system mixed with some of my solo gaming stuff. This serves as an exploratory post. I will not show most of the details of the system. Rather I am showing the resulting text in story game results. This story is being made up as I go. I'm not sure where it is beginning or when it will end. I'm testing some new conflict mechanics and dynamics material that I've recently created. I'll probably try doing one scene and then writing a title later, which I will post when it's finished right below this paragraph along with copyright.

"Someone Else"
©2017 Ken Wickham

She stood, back arched and dark hair to her waist across the shadow filled room. Crickets sang in chorus and the gentle warm breeze brought the scent of daisies, roses, and tulips from the backyard garden several floors below.

I couldn't quite see what she was doing. The sound of jingling metal, and several objects clicking added to the cricket song as she apparently seemed to be looking for something in her bag.

The musky scent of bodies that had rubbed together still mixed with the floral breeze. I took in a few warm breaths to try calming my pulse wiping away my damp brow.

From her, I heard a few clicks like the sound of her pumping a perfume or some sort of body spray.

"We're good together," I finally say now that my strength had returned.

"A lot of people are good together," she said now fanning the air, sitting down at the oak chair at small desk where her purse lay atop.

Even though I had felt recovered and refreshed, something in the tone of her voice and the seriousness of her reply caused my lungs to tighten. A few seconds later my body seemed to then spread an uncomfortable second wave of heat. A few more droplets trickled down my arm.

Why do I -.

I took in a forced breath. One that hurt my lungs as much as it relieved my need for air.

Looking towards her, she now was sitting back in the chair looking up at the ceiling. I could see the shadow of her open mouth which slightly moved forward and backward. Then some oriental scent finally reached me, which felt like a key unlocking some old rusty lock on a guarded chest tucked in some attic of some cobweb filled house.

Naomi, although of Asian descent, had lived her entire life here.

I thought she was into me. Yes, before I had thought I was even lucky she knew my name.

She seemed entirely different than her mother.

"Is your mother doing better," I said.

She let out a long audible breath. "My mother ... my mother - I don't want to talk about my mother."

A sense of discontent entered me like an ocean wave. She was hard to read. I thought I was finally connecting with her.

I reached up and placed my hand on the mahogany headboard. I like the feel of something sturdy. It seems like the solid wood is something that I can rely on, trust, and is dependable. Unlike...

"You should find someone that will love you in return," she said.


She hadn't had the best luck herself. "Who do you want to be with? Huh." I knew she had trouble in her past relationships.

I could tell that her head had now turned was now looking at me since I could see the shadows of her ears slightly sticking out from her head.

"Someone else," she simply said.

I don't know if I would have ever written that scene in any of my stories. The game mechanics pushed me to write this pushing me sideways and creating characters that I may have never created. Part of the interest was for me finding out what I was actually writing about near the end of the scene.

Fun stuff. 

I'll take my notes, look things over, tweak it, and maybe add some things.

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