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Using JAGS for fantasy Power Level and race and species creation

JAGS is a free downloadable universal role-playing game found at It also can be purchased in book form.

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Using JAGS for fantasy Power Level and race and species creation

JAGS wild west bestiary

I wanted to collect a bunch of page numbers that are useful for JAGS fantasy games. I'm doing so for both a record for me for easier location and for anyone wanting to create species, races, and creatures. I'll then in the next post maybe try to recreate the basic fantasy races from the 1st edition into the JAGS Revisied edition, to make using them easier.

JAGS Revised References

Character Points and Archetype Points
JAGS allows several different degrees of power within the game. These levels of power are found in JAGS Revised on p 27.

JAGS Fantasy p 1 has some similar notes. In it it mentions 8 points is the normal amount for building races/species. 24 points would be a powerful race/species.

If I combined the two charts what would it look like?

The fantasy book mentions that the power levels are Basic Points (BP) and the races are Fantasy Power Points (PP). So I've equated:

Basic Points (BP) to Base Character Points (CP)
Power Points (PP) to Archetype Points (AP)

JAGS Fantasy and JAGS Revised Point systems

J Fantasy BPJ Revised CP
Beginner (High school)30 BP30 CP
Inexperience but competent50 BP50 CP
Experienced adventurer75 BP75 CP
Heroes100 BP100 CP
Greater Heroes150 BP150 CP
J RaceJ Race PPJ Revised AP
Beginner (High school)Minor traits4 PP0 to 8 AP
Inexperience but competentBasic race w/ minor item8 PP8 AP
Experienced adventurerPowerful race w/ unusual powers12 to 16 PP8 to 16 AP
Heroes16 AP
Greater HeroesReally powerful fantasy race24 PP16 to 48 AP

JAGS Omnibus References

Note of that Innate Powers are used to build races JAGS Omnibus p 47.

Notes on building races pp 49 to 50
Innate Power details pp 51 to 126

Overview p 51
Body types pp 52, trait list 71 to 75

Body sizes pp 60, size list 76 to 78
Natural attacks pp 65
Animal traits pp 79 to 83
Body powers pp 84 to 89
Strength p 90
Speed p 91
Appearance/Social p 92
Bio Defense pp 93 to 99
Bio Weapons pp 99 to 113
Movement pp 114 to 118
Defensive Innate pp 118 to 120
Senses and Perceptions pp 120 to 122
Limbs p 123
Mutations pp 123 to 125
Weaknesses pp 125 to 126

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