Tuesday, November 6, 2018

First week of Writing

My screen every day

Typing, mapping, and drawing

Like a free flowing spontaneous action, thoughts become words. And here is my score so far.

That is the story of this last week.

I haven't swam in the sea of Aioskoru since the map making and mythology days several years ago. A time before 5e x 5. Sure, Elvish and Fairy Languages are a part of Aioskoru. However, the language are more isolated right now than the maps, world guides, and creatures. Diving back into a story brings alive the maps, creature plans, and even weather that I did so long ago.

Writing stories brought me back to RPGs as my blog site mentions in the summary.

Writing brings back fuel, energy, and brings stuff alive.

After two years of mainly writing rules, languages, and random charts diving back into stories helps bring what the other books actual are about. The fantastic and cool stories that help us live mythical lives and see through different eyes for a brief moment of time

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