Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Aioskoru world with clouds and shading

Aioskoru planet by Ken Wickham
Aioskoru planet

The fantasy world of Aioskoru, third planet with three moons in the solar system.

The immense skeleton, Hewhoshestes, floated in the endless dark void, small strands of decomposed flesh still rotting in the joints and sinew. 

From this remaining flesh, a few maggots emerged.

The more the maggots consumed the ancient death creator's flesh the more the power changed them. Instead of flies, they morphed and changed into the beings of power. They inched towards the right hand where the tiny orbs, slowly changing in form and substance.

The ancient skeleton in desperation, dipped a quill into a bottle with the ink of life. And then it began, upon the scroll, to create...

The solar system inner planets and Hewhoshestes mythology

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