Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Comparison of increasing map resolution: Old vs New method

Using the old methods which resulted in the 3D map in the lower right corner. One pixel equaled about 5 miles. The latest method extracted more information. The topography map above it is more detailed information showing and revealing details missed on the 3D map.

The upper right hill or mountain close up had showed up as one pixel. I didn't know the shape nor details. Now it shows a series of rings in a very specific shape and an unseen lake right next to it. The river seems to split into two at the base. The mountain/hill is actually pointed, which I  interpret as a column.

The lake on the next close up wasn't seen in the 3D map.

I can see the 'hidden valley in greater detail now. I see a good high ground to place buildings on, safe from any surging canyon water.

The new easier to see features using the higher detailed method has turned the huge map into showing details less than a mile in size. It's probably down to 10th's of a mile which is more like a football field in size, per pixel.

All of these were done using the same original map just different techniques.

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