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2017 World of the Fifth Sun

2015 World of the Fifth Sun summary
2016 World of the Fifth Sun summary
2017 World of the Fifth Sun goals

Contributor levels for 2017

With content on the World of the Fifth Sun blog, RPGNow, and Aioskoru Website on Google and with this being a new year, I wanted to expand upon a contribution tier system which we tried for November's 5e x 5 launch. I'm going to try expanding it across all of the products that I made or helped make. Anyone who has bought or contributed to any of the products already counts has them count towards these amounts and may already have qualified for the contribution benefit(s).

Because of this, I am creating a structure within each and one across all four categories. Next year, these amounts may increase to due to new product and/or price increases.

It can be categorized into 4 major categories.
A) Solo Gaming (SG)
B) Aioskoru World (AW)
C) 5e x 5 (5x5)
D) Map making (MM)

and one combined tier
E) Ultimate Contributor (UC)

All purchases and contributions from the first July 2016 purchases up to now and those into the future are included when I figure out who is qualified in the current tiers including bundle packages.

(SG - AoO) $1.50
Solo Gaming contributions include the Ezine #1, Solo Game Engine, and Fact Generator. The current tier "Army of One" (AoO) is set at $1.50 contributing to any or combined among those three. This level will let you gain early access to upcoming solo game products such as the Flexible Story Engine and the Drama Escalator for the 2017.

(AW - FJ) $2.50
Aioskoru World contributions include the Aioskoru World Guide, Aioskoru OGL Maps, Aioskoru Outline maps, and the Aioskoru World Atlas. The current tier "Fantastic Journey" (FJ) is set to a $2.50 contributing to any or combined among those four. If you bought the Aioskoru World Atlas at any price or in any bundle, you are automatically in the FJ tier. This level will let you gain early access to upcoming campaign material for the 2017.

(5x5 - RC) $4.00
5e x 5 contributions include the 5e x 5 OGL SRD, Characters, Spells, Monsters, Equipment & Treasures, Combat & Conditions, Ezine #1, Future, or Modern. The current tier "Rules Conversion" (RC) is set to $4.00 contributing to any or combined among these nine. If you bought the 5e x 5 core, then you are automatically in the RC tier. This level will let you gain early access and a 30% discount on upcoming titles for 2017.

(MM - DC) varies
Map making contributions so far only includes the book Quick free world maps using GIMP filters and Donjon fractal maps. If you have that book, you are in the "Design Cartography" tier. This level will let you gain early access to and a 30% discount to the planned upcoming Intermediate free world maps book.

All Four Contributor categories
Ultimate Contributor (UC)
If a person contributes to AoO + FJ + RC + DC = UC for 2017

Future Project Goals for 2017 and further

Here is a list of projects that come to mind looking over the current landscape of products and the blog. This list is mixed blog and RPG products.

On top of the goal* list is:
Because of commitments made during November and December, some projects are placed high on the list.

5e x 5 Modern Equipment

Soon to be ready
5e x 5 Future Equipment

Short term goals*

5e x 5 Fantasy formatting
Aioskoru Fairy Language - this is rated high for the blog material
Aioskoru Campaign material - content feature sections of the Aioskoru world
5e x 5 Future - system with cybernetics, robots, mecha
5e x 5 Modern - system with psionics
5e x 5 Psychic Powers - Fantasy mind powers

Peter is working with the 5e x 5 Monsters to add some CC and Open Images to the book

Mid Term Goals*

Also in the works is:
Release Fairy/Celestial & Demonic PWYW and the others for a low price: Common, Goblin, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, and Halfling.
5e x 5 Equipment & Treasures II
5e x 5 Monsters listed by CR & Terrain
ABS12 Flexible Story Engine
ABS12 Flexible Drama Escalator
ABS12 Fantasy solo game system

Long Term Goals*

5e x 5 Magic Item categorized list
More JAGs content
More Reviews & Played Reviews
Intermediate quick free maps using

Distant Possible Projects
5e x 5 Monsters II
5e x 5 Characters II
5e x 5 Combat & Conditions II
RPG vs Story Adventure

*Goals are subject to change, reorder, or be dropped for unforeseeable reasons.

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