Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ken's Bare Minimum RPG working definition

I think I'm almost coming to a set of data for finding the bare minimum needed for my own use, although others may find it useful as well.

It's something like this

Ken's Minimum RPG

1) The rules must intend and support at least 1 person to assume a character or thing that has a persona through personification
2) which is experienced in a created situation in a setting that has at least a alternative or imagined experience, time, or space other than reality
3) and has at least one reciprocating external influence on individual character(s) which may change the player(s) experience or path, of which examples include

a) another person that gives influence to the experience,
b) a limited resource that restrict available player options,
c) a judge,
d) a baked in pathway with branches,
e) a tool to use a randomizer, with character may influence of when or the quality of the results of this tool,

4) which follows created, agreed upon, or preexisting rules (at least one) built primarily around character interaction and other related activities
5) which the entire game is for the purpose of enjoyment, entertainment, or competition.  

The forum this working definition was created can be found begining 21 January 2017 up to 26 January 2017 at

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