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JAGS dice rolling: Skills, Attributes, Resistance, degrees of success/failure

JAGS is a free downloadable universal role-playing game found at It also can be purchased in book form.

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JAGS dice rolling: Skills, Attributes, Resistance, degrees of success

JAGS wild west bestiary

Dice Rolling for Skills, Attributes, and Resistance

After looking at weapon reaches and difficulty modifiers I want to look at roll mechanics for skills, attributes, and resistance as well as the degrees of success or failure. I also want to rearrange the order of the degrees of success chart found on p 19 of JAGS Revised.

Basic mechanic of rolling

Roll 4d6 (6s = 0) add up all the numbers = a number between 0 and 20

  • Target Number - roll less than or equal to that number to succeed.
  • Modifiers for difficulty alters the target number.
  • There are degrees of success or failure.

Skill or Attribute check

Roll equal to or under the number.
What does a success, failure, or degree mean?


Resistance roll is whoever makes it by the most or tie.

Degrees of success/failure

Here is my rearrange of the degrees of success for JAGS to make it easier for me to read. I put the critical success on top and the minor success in the middle. I also order it from the bottom critical failure up to critical success.

Term What it is
Critical SuccessRoll 10 or more less than target number
Major SuccessRoll 5 to 9 less than target number
Success & minor successRoll 0 to 4 less than target number.
Failure & minor failureRoll 1 to 4 more than target number
Major failureRoll 5 to 9 more than target number
Critical FailureRoll 10 or more than target number

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