Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5e x 5 OGL SRD is now live at RPGNow PWYW

5e x 5 OGL SRD

Available at RPGNow 

This is a minimal formatted unillustrated set of five PDF ebooks.
We are fans of d100 games.

However, there is basically only one major Open Gaming License (OGL) d100 game that is available to help create new d100 games.

So, what is the easiest way to turn 5e into a d100 stat/skill game? Multiply it by five.
Hence, this converted system we call 5e x 5.

We do preserve the combat damage and hitpoint system - which is more compatible with the other d100 systems.

Having converted the attributes, skills, and saves with the remaining time until Oct 31 deadline we added a few more OGL sources to help expand this d100 conversion. It has some PRD, 3.5e SRD, and a few other OGL sources converted to d100 mixed in.

Included are:
5e x 5 Characters PDF 223p
5e x 5 Spells PDF 231p
5e x 5 Equipment and Treasures PDF 158p
5e x 5 Combat and Conditions PDF 55p
5e x 5 Monsters PDF 369p
If you like our efforts and want to seem more conversions to d100, please contribute via Pay What You Want (PWYW) or consider purchasing one of our other RPGNow products.

Contributor Gift Levels (Offers end Midnight CST the 30 November 2016)

As a thank-you-gift, contributions via PWYW accounts will be emailed future early access to conversion projects and other finished PDF gifts depending on the level of contribution. We have some of the material done now, so you can receive early access to that material.
(please allow up to a week for processing (Friday))
You must allow a current email addres for emails to be received from the publishers Ken Wickham and PPM (PPM is Peter's publishing) to receive those gifts.
For contributions $1.99 or lessThank You!
Fighter in the Here and Now contributor
If you contribute $2 to $2.99 your account will be emailed early access to 5e x 5 Modern equipment SRD converted from MSRD Modern from Ken Wickham

Wizard From the Future contributor
If you contribute $3.00 to $4.99 your account  will be emailed early access to 5e x 5 Future equipment SRD converted from MSRD Future from Ken Wickham

Time Traveller contributor
If you contribute $5.00 or more your account will be emailed access to both 5e x 5 Modern and Future equipment SRDs from Ken Wickham

Plane Surfer contributor
If you contribute $10 or more you will be emailed access to 3Deep Role Playing Game Core Rulebook and Aioskoru World Atlas as well as the both early access the modern and future products above. From PPM and Ken Wickham
Sundering Sage contributor
If you contribute $15 or more you will be emailed access to 3Deep Role Playing Game GM's Resource Supplement and Quick Free World maps using GIMP filters and Donjon fractal maps in addition to all of the other four gifts above. From PPM and Ken Wickham

Master Plane Architect contributor
If you contribute $20 or more your account will be emailed access to all of the above as well as early access to all 5e x 5 and Aioskoru related projects now and in the future. To do this please redeem all of the product codes when they are sent out, so that we will be able to specify the conditions needed to send you further information and deals.  Additional gifts such as Melos Peninsular for Aioskoru, an early draft of Ekouinmanos Kapos region Supplement for Aioskoru, ABS12 Core Rulebook alpha, and other forthcoming stuff that either Ken or Peter will create or convert over the next two months. From PPM and Ken Wickham

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