Sunday, November 6, 2016

5e x 5 Roll out thoughts

First attempt at drawing buyers without formatting and graphics

This project has been full of firsts.

Instead of the regular PWYW, I figured that offering early access to unavailable content might help increase contributions a little bit. So, on the side as we were converting 5e into a D100 system, I would occasionally work on converting Modern and Future equipment into a similar D100 system. Then when we were ready to go live with the D100 fantasy, that there were also equipment for modern and future settings nearly ready as well.

These other pieces make a good incentive to pay a little bit more. We set of a Kickstarter-like tier system of gifts to reward higher PWYW contributions. Since I knew that $1.25 was the max from prior PWYW, I set the floor for Modern at $2. I then set Future at 3$. And then I combined both at the $5.

In order to fill the upper range, we're using stuff already made for $10 to $20 contributions.

Normal PWYW results in a lot of $1 or less contributions. This roll out has lead to several $5 contributions and a few $2 contributions. Yet, we are not tied to the same quality that Kickstarter demands. Our formats are plain and lack graphics. It's information. Our draw however is the idea that a person can get something that only other premium purchasers can get.

Converting 5e to a d100 certainly has been a very powerful learning experience.

Knowledge Gained

First, comparing 3.5 and Pathfinder to 5e helps me understand the conversation concerning the nuances and merits of each system. Pathfinder OGL is huge. 3.5 OGL seems a little more rough. 5e seems smoother, simpler, and quicker.

Sometimes I'm tempted to replace the simplicity with complex details. Then I have to sit back and try to figure out why certain things were cut and removed.

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