Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Final day to contribute to get Modern & Future

This is the final 24 hour notice that we will be offering free gifts to contributors over a certain amount to 5e x 5 OGL SRD (Fantasy). Midnight tomorrow 30th November, 2016 CST, I will remove the offer. If you've downloaded the SRD, tried it, and want to upgrade, you still have time.

Those gifts are mentioned on the RPG product page http://www.rpgnow.com/product/193127/5e-x-5-OGL-SRD

5e x 5 OGL SRD (Fantasy)

This is the Open Gaming License conversion of d20 5e into a d100 system. These are the Source Reference Documents which have very little formatting, no graphics, no pictures, and are basically just the text. They are meant to be used by developers or players/GMs that can get past the rudementary layout. We have added portions from the prior 3.5e, other OGL sources, and the PRD to help provide alternatives to sections either insufficiently provided in the 5e SRD or entirely left out.
These is a minimally formatted not illustrated set of five PDF ebooks. Text only.
Included in the 5e x 5 OGL SRD PWYW are:
5e x 5 Characters PDF 224p
5e x 5 Spells PDF 231p
5e x 5 Equipment and Treasures PDF 158p
5e x 5 Combat and Conditions PDF 55p
5e x 5 Monsters PDF 408p

The two major gifts among many levels are:
1) 5e x 5 Modern (early access)
Prior and current contributors "Fighter in the Here and Now contributor" and up to the deadline will gain early access to 5e x 5 Modern , any future formatted versions. Also formatted versions of 5e x 5 Fantasy such as the two column version of 5e x 5 Spells which is a free additional gift to contributors which will be placed at $1 price in the future.

Already included are 5e x 5 Modern Equipment 66pg and 5e x 5 Modern Characters (19 Backgrounds) 18pg. Coming next is 5e x 5 Psionics.

Don't just use a bow or crossbow to fight that zombie or orc. Pull out a .45 caliber pistol, or heft a .50 caliber assault rifle, machine gun, shotgun, or missile launcher. Toss grenades! Bring cellphones, computers, smartphones, and laptops to your campaign. Modern living costs, occupation salaries, and entertainment costs as well using the Cost DC system (US$ equivalents chart shown, though any monitary chart can be used). Psionics will bring telepathic powers to your gaming which is somewhat similar to spells.

2) 5e x 5 Future (early access)

Already included are 5e x 5 Future Equipment 77pg, 5e x 5, Future Characters (8 Backgrounds and Mutations (traits & flaws)) 35pg, 5e x 5 Future Robots 47pg, and 5e x 5, and Future Cybernetics 28pg. Coming next is 5e x 5 Mecha.

Bring lasers, rail guns, plasma guns, space suits, cryonic rifles, disintegrators, sonic beams, and beam swords (lightsaber) to your d100 campaigns. Build and fight robots. Supplement your injuries and natural abilities with futuristic cybernetics. Mutations give your characters superhuman-like powers and limits. Mecha will let you pilot massive power robots equiped with missiles, lasers, and blades to fight fantasy monsters, other robots, or alien invaders.

Unannounced gift additions
In addition, Sunday I sent out invites for contributors of 5e x 5 to receive a better layout version of 5e x 5 Spells (122 pages) which is formated in a more compact two-column version. This is free unannounced gift for contributors, and this version will sold for $1 each book to non-contributors in the near future. It will be part of the 4-book $1 ea line of 5e x 5 core books aimed at making things easier for consumers rather than primarily developers, like the OGL SRD. 5e x 5 Monsters (256 pages) two-column is finished and will be next. All four consumer versions of the books will be included with contributors that qualify for the Modern or Future books. In the more distant future, two-column versions of Characters and Equipment and Treasures is planned as well.

Thanks to those that contributed

If you haven't yet contributed, you can still contribute in these last 24 hours. December 1st or 2nd, I will send out access links for Future (set), Modern (set), 5e x 5 Spells (two-column), and 5e x 5 Monsters (two-column) for contributors. I'll make sure that those that contribute get their access.

5e x 5 Future and 5e x 5 Modern will not be offered until sometime next year to non-contributors. I'm trying to convert and add the pieces to them regularly and often. Since Nov 2nd, I've added what you've see above listed.

Thank you,


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