Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where next? Looking back to where I've been.

With that fun project 5e x 5 wrapping up, except for some maintenance and Future & Modern expansion, it'll be back to my projects.

A. I will be continuing my Fairy constructed language, which is helping me to continue with the other languages as well.
Other fantasy language postsCreating a fantasy languageElfin and Orcish amount of words so farFantasy Constructed Languages Part 1: SoundsFantasy Constructed Languages Part 2: Parts of speech - nounsFantasy Constructed Languages Part 3: Parts of speech - adjectives

B. I might continue to make JAGS western stuff.
For my wild west game using the JAGS system.
JAGS RPG is a universal game system that can be found as a free download at http://mchacon8.wixsite.com/jagsrpg
JAGS wild west bestiaryBrown BearMountain Lion, Cougar, Puma
C. I might continue to make Ekouinmanus Kapos
Ekouinmanus Kapos Region of Aioskoru
D. Maybe delve deeper into map making
Aioskoru, Western Ekouinmanus Kapos Map SeriesAioskoru Solo Game: Map of area Western Ekouinmanus Kapos Lakes and rivers using GIMP and Donjon fractal mapsAutomated rivers: first automated river attemptsRiver Beds using Donjon and WilburAioskoru: Northwest and Southwest Semimanus
Joined map and a little coloringThe puzzle of the rivers

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