Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aioskoru campaign region: Ekouinmanus Kapos progress

Today I worked on this campaign guide which I hope to get closer to being finished. I want to release a generic mostly text OGL version of the region first. And then I will probably try to add story material, draw some pencil sketches, and flesh out story plots to make a paid version of the same material, which has material not found in the OGL version.

I don't have a ETA on this regional guide.

Here are two screenshots of my working copy.

Finished so far are:

  1. A set of random creation charts to help make small outposts, camps, and villages. Also I have a random name chart using terms from both common and goblin languages.
  2. 1 city map and some overall details, 
  3. 1 adventure map with details for playing with the centaurs or with the goblins
  4. 1 capital region area map with broad details 
  5. A list of adventure seeds

My plans to complete:

  • I progressed on the encounter chart much of today. It's probably past halfway done. I have a chart for animals, monsters, and people.
  • Goblin summary details still need to be entered similar to the centaur summary details which are already completed.
  • A goblin city or two maps
  • A semi realistic area map for the paid version, which is better than the sample shown above.
  • Maybe a hex map for the paid version
  • Capital city Map
  • Maybe a set of generic NPCs.
  • Plants, herbs, minerals, raw material, and gems.

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