Saturday, October 27, 2018

Character Mechanisms - creating character profile instructions (part 6)

This is part of a series of posts to create a character using Character Mechanisms using the Character Profile sheet.

From the last post, I created motive and mood-emotion character profile information. I'll focus on the final category of Priority A first.

Priority A

Group A Important
Character Generator
Human Generator
Motivation Generator
Mood-Emotion Generator
Body Language Generator

In this post I continue with the next one, the Body Language Generator.

1. Body Language Generator

What is my character's common body posture or body language?

In the last post, I rolled guilty type, blamed as the mood of the character.

Since I know it will be a guilty type of mood, I'll roll twice to generate how this character shows guilt.


4 face flush or red
9  change the topic

Okay, so this character expresses guilt with a flushed or red face and changes the topic.

Next I'll move on to group B priority.

Group B Reliant

Character Behavior Engine
Character Dialogue Engine
Character combined action engine
Character Communicator

2. Character Behavior Engine

How does this character behave?

1 This character will start out behaving the archetype active behavior.

The unnamed character's archetype was picked two posts ago, skeptic.

Like: Think, Discuss 
Avoid: Feel 
Common Goal: Question, data, reason 
First behavior: Oppose 
Second behavior: Question 
Pressured: Seeker 
Relaxed: Caregiver

The first behavior is the active behavior of the character archetype. So this character will actively oppose. This will be primarily thinking and discussing opposition through questions and debate, rather than physical. If pressured, this character will become a seeker archetype and begin to become more physical.

Click on image to enlarge

Now, I've added this new information to the Character Mechanisms Profile sheet.

This character is coming together nicely so far, mostly created random. Next post will begin with Dialogue Engine and depending on room, maybe Character Communicator.

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