Friday, October 26, 2018

Story Mechanisms

It has been about 7 days since last post. Time during that period was spent trying to go live with Story Mechanisms.

Story Mechanisms
Story Mechanisms
Individually value $13

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About Story Mechanisms

All-in-One Story book

This story mechanism book has tools to help create story plots, twists, theme, mood, motive, foe, story seed, scene action, transition scenes, narrative, and work with the main conflicts.
The tools may be used separately, together, or selective.
This meant to aid or take the place of a Gamemaster (GM) for creating dialogue and behavior. 
This Story Mechanisms brings together 9 prior existing tools and adds 4 new tools to total 13 story making tools.
Current length is 49 pages including cover, front matter, and table of contents. the generators are 2 pages each — one of them is the table turned sideways for printing.
This book either suggest, or refer to tables (a few which are not included in this text) for story ideas, design, and actions. Its generic enough for any game or story genre characters. 
The 13 included products:
  1. Three Conflict Chain RPG: New, expands Flash RPG.
  2. Deep Dive Engine: New, expands the RPGs further.
  3. Scene Action Generator: New, adds action words to a scene.
  4. Transition Generator: New, adds transition scenes to a story.
  5. Solo Game Engine: Used to make decisions and take place of GM.
  6. Flash RPG: used to create micro stories, adventure seeds, or background stories.
  7. Plot Generator: 144 plots
  8. Twist Generator: 144 story twists arranged by type and question word. 
  9. Theme Generator: 144 sets of themes.
  10. Foe Generator: 144 antagnists or foes.
  11. Motivation Generator: 144 motivations arranged by need, morality, personality, etc.
  12. Mood-Emotion Generator: 12 types of feelings arranged by degree of intensity.
  13. Modifier Generator: 144 modifier words to modify plots, actions, or almost anything.

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