Monday, October 15, 2018

Elvish Language for Aioskoru now available

Elvish Language

Elvish Language 24 pg
By Ken Wickham

This Elvish Language book is written primarily for Aioskoru world, however, it can be used in any setting.

I call it Alvan a Kashi, which means Elf Language.

It includes an Elvish writing script, numbers, and advice for quotations.
95 common nouns
84 verbs
62 adjectives
11 colors
7 quantifiers (some, many, …)
counting numbers to 999,999
ordinal numbers (first, second, ...)
question words (who, what, when, …)
5 types of 7 pronouns (I, he/she/it, they, …)
2 demonstratives (this, that)
11 prepositions (on, inside, above, …)
7 conjunctions (and, or, because, …)
7 transition words (although, finally, since, …)
compass directions
Aioskoru distance measurements
Aioskoru 13 months
over 100 abstract nouns
naming system
basic fantasy jargon (weapons, armor, magic, 4 classes, 4 main races)

grammar for
sentence order
quoting (says, said)

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