Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aioskoru part 2 : "Friendly Centaur"

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Continued from this Aioskoru Story Series
Aioskoru part 1 : "Wild Horses"

Here are the stats for my two main characters.

Madi the amateur magic user is PL1.
SpeciesLifeSpdDefDef TypeBPDamageD TypeMagSc/TcBPVerbAdj/AdvBPVerbAdj/AdvCost
Magic User223Cloth21d12/6Staff45Fireball S1d12/23Net S315

Andelin the amateur fighter is PL1

"Friendly Centaur"
By Ken Wickham
Copyright © 2016

Andelin came to discover from Nefron, the centaur carrying him that Theda was the name of this troops leader that had spoken earlier. Nefron wasn't so serious as Theda. He actually seemed to have a sense of humor.

"I thought you guys were going to run," he joked somewhat serious at first, and then he let out one gasping chuckle. "Everyone always runs," he said cracking his large fingers in front of him. 

Nefron had black and white skin which matched his lower body. Andelin noticed that the pattern even went down the centaurs massive arms and hands.

He tried to imagine trying to run from the swift centaurs. Run where? After a few seconds of thinking he said the obvious. "You would have caught us easily." 

Almost under his breath he muttered, "Well, at least you two were smart enough to figure that out."

[Is the weather still raining? 9; Yes]

The rain had been constantly raining - sprinkling - most of the day. Despite the rain they still traveled rather quickly.

[Did anything happen along the way? 2; No, also ... I'll roll for inspiration on the fact generator
10, Emotion; 7, Trust]

Traveling was uneventful, yet Andelin seemed to begin to feel a bit closer to Nefron. His laid back friendly chats were helping him to relax.

"So what are they going to do with us?"

[Does he know? Yes, also...
fact generator: 2, Senses; 6, Brush]

"Probably make you brush the horses," Nefron said smiling. "They always make human's take care of horses. I think they like you serving the horses for once instead of the serving you." The humorous centaur slightly elbowed him - which startled him for a moment - because he was unsure of his balance.

"Do they really believe that such treatment will work," he asked.

The centaur didn't answer at first, they were crossing a stream. Andelin held on tighter as the water rushed below them, reaching up to his hanging feet.

Once up the other side, Nefron finally answered, "Well. It sure seems to help the humans we've caught so far. After a few years of service, they seem to regret riding the horses."

Andelin smile went away quickly. "Years?"

[Is the centaur city near by yet? 9; Yes]

As they finished the ascent up a hill going up the long embankment, trees gave way to the familiar green view again. Except this time it wasn't entirely like the other fields. Ahead of them stood structures - a village.

[To be continued]

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